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City of Torrance
Class Code: 7307

Class Designation: Civil Service

August 1985

Representation Unit: Torrance Professional &
Supervisory Association


Identification Analyst


Under supervision, plans, organizes, implements and conducts the fingerprint identification program of the Police Department; provides technical assistance to Crime Investigation personnel; prepares and maintains records and reports; and performs related duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Distinguished from Police Sergeant in that the incumbent is not a sworn officer. Distinguished from Programmer Analyst in that the incumbent does not perform computer program design and coding.

Examples Of Duties

  • Analyzes and evaluates ink print cards for acceptable quality;
  • classifies acceptable ink print cards by established county, state and federal systems;
  • locates criminal histories, wants and warrants by manually searching files and using automated equipment;
  • operates the CAL-I.D. Local Input Terminal (LIT) to identify arrestees and suspects;
  • organizes and maintains ink and latent print files and criminal history files;
  • submits wants, warrants and criminal history findings to appropriate users;
  • examines latent prints for usability and files by type of crime and area of occurrence;
  • makes latent print identifications by comparing known suspect ink print cards with crime scene latent prints;
  • prepares exhibits and testifies in criminal or civil court regarding fingerprint identification findings;
  • identifies needs and recommends the purchase of supplies and equipment necessary to the program;
  • plans, develops and conducts training programs for crime scene investigators and other fingerprint-qualified personnel on the CAL-I.D. system;
  • determines the cause of missed identifications within the fingerprint identification program and effects necessary corrections;
  • recommends and implements improvements to the operations of the identification program;
  • prepares oral and written reports related to fingerprint identification findings and identification program activities.
  • Minimum Requirements

    Knowledge Of
  • Laws, policies and regulations related to the rules of evidence;
  • Henry fingerprint classification system;
  • Numerical Classification of Fingerprints (NCF) system;
  • National Criminal Index Codes (NCIC) system;
  • Police investigative practices and procedures as they relate to criminal histories, fingerprint identifications, and uses of fingerprint evidence;
  • Procedures followed by Department of Justice in developing criminal histories (RAPS).
  • Ability To:
  • Analyze information received from a variety of sources and draw conclusions regarding the identification of fingerprints;
  • Operate a computer terminal (CAL-I.D. system);
  • Plan and conduct training programs for other police department personnel regarding automated search system;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other police personnel and agencies;
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing;
  • Work with minimum supervision;
  • Testify effectively in court.
  • License Required

    A valid Class 3 California Driver's License.


    Two years of experience classifying, searching and filing fingerprints using the Henry fingerprint classification system.


    Completion of the basic fingerprints course by the California State Department of Justice or equivalent.

    Additional Requirements

    Must be court-qualified to give fingerprint identification testimony. Must demonstrate proof of such prior to appointment. Acceptable proof includes certificate, court transcript, or equivalent.