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City of Torrance
Class Code: 3445

Class Designation: Non-Civil Service/At-Will

March 1996

Representation Unit: Engineers Assoc. &
Torrance Fiscal Employees Assoc.


Housing Specialist

Job Description

  • Assists in the general administration of the Rental Assistance program.
  • Accepts applications for rental assistance and counsels applicants on their eligibility for such assistance.
  • Assists in the processing of rental assistance applications, the monitoring of units under contract, and the recertification of households receiving assistance.
  • Prepares reports, maintains records and performs other related work as required.
  • List of Duties and Time Requirements

    Under the direct supervision of the Housing and Community Development Coordinator the Housing Specialist performs the following duties:
    Procedure Bi-Weekly Hours Required
    1. Interview applicants to determine eligibility. 6-12
    2. Process application file. 10-16
    3. Prepare office materials to mail out/hand out. 10-14
    4. Coordinate briefing sessions and certification of program participation. 4-8
    5. Follow up on certified applicants. 4-8
    6. Program public relations. 6-8
    7. Preparation of contract file and acquiring contract signatures. 4-8
    8. Monitor households/units under program. 2-4
    9. Process annual applicant recertifications. 8-16
    10. Monitor overall program operation. 4-6


    A minimum of one year of experience with a housing or other social services agency, preferably in a Section 8 program.


    Graduation from an accredited college with a major in Planning, Social Sciences or a related field.