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City of Torrance
Class Code: 7113

Class Designation: Civil Service

September 1982

Representation Unit: Torrance Fire Fighters Association


Fire Engineer


Under general supervision, to operate and maintain fire pumping engines and other fire apparatus and firefighting equipment; to fight fires; and to do related work as required.

Examples Of Duties

  • Responds to alarms, driving fire truck to the fire;
  • locates truck at proper place;
  • operates engine pumping equipment to maintain pressures as required by the officer in charge;
  • lays hose lines;
  • as required, assists in holding nozzles to direct stream of water on fire;
  • may assist in overhauling, rescue and salvage operations;
  • administers first aid;
  • checks gasoline and oil supply, battery, lubrication, tires, motors and ignition system of assigned equipment;
  • performs minor maintenance and assists with general vehicle maintenance;
  • inspects equipment and makes adjustments and repairs;
  • makes reports of damage or malfunction; tests fire hoses and hydrants;
  • cleans quarters and equipment;
  • cleans, washes and services fire engine;
  • participates in fire drills and exercises;
  • answers general questions of the public and provides information;
  • performs fire prevention work as assigned.
  • Minimum Qualifications

    Knowledge of
  • Fire fighting methods and the operation and maintenance of firefighting equipment;
  • Practical hydraulics, pumps and fire apparatus;
  • Local water mains, fire hydrants and geography;
  • Rules and regulations of the Torrance Fire Department.
  • Ability to
  • Read and understand information relating to firefighting methods and equipment and to apply such information to specific situations and to local requirements;
  • Understand and act in accordance with departmental policies, rules, and written and oral instructions;
  • Compute engine and nozzle pressures;
  • Drive a fire truck safely and skillfully in accordance with traffic laws and ordinances;
  • Administer first aid and resuscitation.
  • License Required

    A valid California Motor Vehicle Operator's License of the appropriate class or grade.


    Four years as a Fireman with the Torrance Fire Department.


    Equivalent to graduation from high school. The possession of an AA degree in Fire Science, or an AA degree in another field plus 20 units of Fire Science, may be substituted for one year of the required experience. The possession of a Bachelors degree in Fire Science, or Bachelors degree in another field plus 40 units of Fire Science, may be substituted for two years of required experience.