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City of Torrance
Class Code: 7114

Class Code: Civil Service

September 1982

Representation Unit: Torrance Fire Fighters Association


Fire Captain


Under general supervision, to have charge of an engine or truck company; to directly supervise fire personnel while engaged in fighting fires; and to do related work as required.

Examples Of Duties

  • Supervises fire control work until relieved by a superior;
  • responds to fire alarms with company;
  • provides detailed instruction and direction to subordinates and personally assists in the work of extinguishing fires and in performing related lifesaving and property protection work;
  • forces entry;
  • scales ladders;
  • directs hose streams;
  • operates chemical extinguishers;
  • administers first aid;
  • ventilates;
  • covers exposures;
  • directs and performs salvage operations;
  • responds to special details for tracing ammonia or dangerous gas leaks, and investigation of smoke.
  • Maintains discipline and enforces rules and orders during emergencies and at the stations;
  • inspects men, equipment and company quarters;
  • supervises the maintenance and care of station property and equipment;
  • assigns men to custodial and maintenance duties in and around the station;
  • drills men in the use of hose, nozzles, ladders, fire trucks and other equipment;
  • instructs men on location of schools and other public buildings, fire hazards in the district and methods of combating fires in such places, conforming in training and instructional work with the patterns established in the formal training programs;
  • trains subordinates in advanced fire-fighting techniques;
  • participates in the training program as trainee or instructor as required;
  • maintains necessary records and submits required reports;
  • performs fire prevention work as assigned.
  • Minimum Qualifications

    Knowledge of
  • Modern firefighting procedures, techniques and equipment;
  • Rules and regulations of the Torrance Fire Department;
  • Pump operation and hydraulics used in a fire department;
  • Geography, water supply, water distribution and local fire hazards related to fire control of major buildings;
  • Building materials and methods of construction;
  • Principles of combustion and causes of fires.
  • Ability to
  • Supervise, discipline, work with, and drill firemen;
  • Direct men and equipment effectively at a fire;
  • Cooperate with others to maintain good relationships with the public;
  • Administer first aid and resuscitation;
  • Maintain records and submit reports.
  • Experience

    Six years fire service experience on the Torrance Fire Department, permanent rank of Fire Engineer; or eight years fire service experience on the Torrance Fire Department at the permanent rank of Fireman and current or prior eligibility as a Fire Engineer in the City of Torrance.


    Equivalent to graduation from high school. The possession of an AA degree in Fire Science, or an AA degree in another field plus 20 units of Fire Science, may be substituted for one year of the required experience. The possession of a Bachelors degree in Fire Science, or Bachelors degree in another field plus 40 units of Fire Science may be substituted for two years of required experience.