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City of Torrance
Class Code: 1279

Class Designation: Civil Service

April 1986

Representation Unit: Executive and Management Employees


Finance Director


Subject to administrative direction, to plan, organize, coordinate, direct, and review the activities of the Finance Department; to be responsible for the accounting, controlling, auditing, collecting and disbursing of all funds of the City of Torrance; and to do related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Finance Director is distinguished from other department heads by the specific areas of responsibility described above and by method of appointment in that, according to City Charter, the Finance Director is appointed by City Council upon the recommendation of the City Manager. Distinguished from Assistant Finance Director in that the Finance Director is responsible for managing the entire Finance Department rather than a specific division and is directly responsible to the City Manager for the performance of duties.

Examples Of Duties

  • Directs the maintenance and operation of the general accounting system of the City and its departments, offices and agencies;
  • keeps and maintains or prescribes and requires the keeping and maintaining of inventory records of municipal properties;
  • establishes and maintains procedures and controls over municipal revenues and expenditures in all departments of the City;
  • performs all municipal functions and duties relating to the preparation, auditing, presenting and disbursement of claims and demands against the City, including payrolls;
  • assists the City Manager in the preparation and administration of the annual budget;
  • assists the City Manager in developing City fiscal policy;
  • prepares and presents to the City Council, through the City Manager, an annual statement and report of the financial condition of the City and other required financial reports;
  • supervises subordinate employees and assistants;
  • administers the City's business license ordinance;
  • assists in maintaining a sound investment program;
  • supervises the central collecting agency for all monies due the City;
  • directs the operation of water and refuse customer service office;
  • oversees internal and external City audits such as those involving airport leases and businesses collecting taxes for the City;
  • serves on various City teams such as the Land Management Team.
  • Minimum Qualifications

    Knowledge of
  • Municipal accounting and auditing including enterprise funds;
  • Principles and practices of municipal finance administration including budget preparation;
  • Statistical methods;
  • Economics;
  • Financial System design and analysis;
  • Principles of supervision and management, including participative management
  • Ability to
  • Apply sound administrative and fiscal practices;
  • Write clear, comprehensive explanatory texts to accompany financial reports;
  • Develop manual and computerized financial systems;
  • Prepare accounting/financial data projections;
  • Present ideas effectively orally and in writing;
  • Supervise the work of departmental staff including; coordinating, assigning, monitoring, and evaluating work; hiring, training, counseling, and disciplinary staff; and processing grievances
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, other City employees/departments, City officials, and the public;
  • Speak publicly upon City finances to interested civic groups;
  • Act as a staff advisor to the City Council and the City Manager.
  • Experience

    Six years of progressively responsible governmental accounting experience, at least two years of which shall have been in the supervision of a major accounting or auditing function.


    Equivalent to graduation from an accredited college with a degree in Accounting, Public Administration, or Business Administration.