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City of Torrance
Class Code: 3300

Class Designation: Civil Service

March 1990

Representation Unit: Engineers Association &
Torrance Fiscal Employees Assoc.


Senior Environmental Quality Officer


Under supervision, performs complex professional zoning, land use, and environmental enforcement work; interprets and explains codes and regulations; performs administrative and/or training duties as assigned; and does related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Distinguished from Environmental Quality Administrator in that an incumbent is not responsible for the supervision and management of the Environmental Quality Division. Distinguished from the Environmental Quality Officer in that the incumbent performs the more complex and sensitive duties requiring greater independent judgment and decision-making and is responsible for administrative and/or training tasks.

Example Of Duties

  • Conducts the more complex, sensitive, or lengthy environmental zoning, and land use studies related to enforcement and which involve office and field research, coordination with other agencies and analysis and interpretation of data;
  • Prepares comprehensive reports regarding enforcement on environmental issues, land use hazardous waste, airport noise, and other topics to be submitted to commissions and City Council, including preparation of charts and graphic materials, and makes related oral presentations;
  • Participates in administrative hearings and appeals before commissions and City Council by preparing and defending departmental positions both orally and in writing;
  • Reviews acoustical reports submitted by consultants for accuracy, completeness, and conformance to  standards; conducts first level of adjudication on environmental cases;
  • Recommends prosecution when appropriate and assists the City Attorney's Office in preparing cases, including coordinating with State and County agencies on oil spills and other hazardous waste matters;
  • Reviews recommendations for prosecution submitted by Environmental Quality Officers for completeness and oversees the Officer testifying and gives input into the performance evaluation of Environmental Quality Officers; prepares and presents the Division/Department budget;
  • Responds to inquiries from the public over the telephone, in person, and in writing. 
  • Minimum Qualifications

    Knowledge of
  • Fundamental principles and practices of City zoning, planning, and environmental administration;
  • Federal, state, and local environmental and planning legislation and regulations;
  • Techniques of investigation [including interviewing and fact-finding] and enforcement;
  • Basic math to include practical application of percentages, fractions, proportions, square footage, and angles;
  • Environmental and zoning administration, trends, goals, and objectives.
  • Ability to
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret environmental and zoning data;
  • Read, interpret, and explain environmental and zoning codes, laws, and regulations and persuade others to accept a specific action;
  • Make field and office investigations and inspections to insure compliance with regulations;
  • Read and interpret plans, specifications, and drawings;
  • Operate equipment such as sound level measuring equipment, cameras, and audio-visual equipment;
  • Make effective written and oral presentations to commissions, committees, and City Council;
  • Interact firmly yet diplomatically with the public in order to assure compliance with regulations;
  • Train/instruct others in performing Environmental Division duties and gives input into the performance evaluation process;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of people including City personnel, state and federal agencies, developers, and the public.
  • License Required

    A valid class C California Driver's License.


    Two years of responsible experience which includes two of the following areas:
  • code/regulation/rule enforcement,
  • aircraft noise abatement,
  • animal control,
  • oil and energy matters,
  • public contact resolving conflicts,
  • public relations,
  • general administrative experience in a public agency to include analysis, report writing, and budget preparation.
  • A Master's Degree in a related field [below] may be substituted for one year of this requirement.
    Also required is one additional year of responsible professional experience reviewing building related permit applications and inspecting properties, investigating complaints, and enforcing environmental codes and ordinances [i.e. at the level of Environmental Quality Officer].


    Graduation from a college or university with a major in Environmental studies, planning, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Public Administration, Business Administration, Political Science, English or a related field or current permanent employment as an Environmental Quality Officer in the City of Torrance as of January 9, 1990.