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City of Torrance
Class Code: 1511

Class Designation: Civil Service

September 1980

Repesentation Unit: Torrance City Employees Assoc.


Duplicating Equipment Operator

Under general supervision to operate and perform minor maintenance on varied duplicating equipment used in the reproduction of forms, correspondence, reports and related materials; and to do related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Distinguished from reprographic equipment operator in that operation of a high-speed electrostatic photocopy machine and related bindery equipment is not the primary work assignment. An incumbent's primary work assignment consists of operating two-color and single-color offset presses. Distinguished from Central Services Supervisor in that an incumbent does not supervise the employees in the centralized reprographic section/unit of the City as a primary work assignment.

Examples Of Duties

  • Operate two-color and single-color offset presses in reproducing a wide variety of standardized forms, correspondence, charts, reports, records, and special publications;
  • makes minor repairs and adjustments to machines used; fabricates multilith plates incorporating lay-out, preparation, and development procedures;
  • operates inserting machine and paper cutter;
  • operates collating equipment and perforators;
  • assembles and binds material;
  • delivers completed order to departments;
  • performs the bursting, decolating, and disbursement of computer output;
  • performs the mechanical signing of warrants and checks;
  • operates high-speed programmable electrostatic photocopy equipment in duplicating records and correspondence;
  • mixes chemicals in the preparation of developers and fixing solutions;
  • assists in keeping inventory of stock and estimating supplies and materials needed;
  • assists in ordering supplies and materials;
  • instructs other Central Services employees in the operation of the offset presses and in the routine tasks of the duplicating process;
  • performs PBX switch-board relief work.
  • Minimum Qualifications Guidelines 

    Knowledge of:
  • Office practices including how to answer phone calls, use of office forms, ordering procedures, inventory methods, and familiarity with the general operation of a wide variety of office equipment including 2-color and single color offset presses.
  • Ability to:
  • Operate two-color and single-color offset presses and high-speed programmable electrostatic photocopy equipment, and produce neat and accurate copies of reports, forms, correspondence and other documents;
  • Determine office inventory supply needs, supplies needed in the duplicating process, and assist in ordering same;
  • Instruct fellow workers in the use of equipment, and the procedures and processes involved in duplicating.
  • Experience

    One year of experience in the operation and minor maintenance of offset presses and a variety of duplicating machines and office equipment.


    No specific minimum, however, training in the operation of offset presses and coursework in proper telephone procedures, ordering procedures, inventory methods, and business machines is preferred.