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City of Torrance
Class Code: 1323
Class Designation: Non-Civil Service/At-Will

November 1999

Representation Unit: Certain Full-time Salaried & Hourly Employees


Cable Television Production Supervisor

Position Summary

Under direction, supervises the daily operations of the City's cable television production and post-production facilities and the subscriber and institutional network channels; supervises and monitors the work of operations; and performs related work as required.

Reporting Relationships

Receives direction from the Cable Television Administrator; exercises direction supervision over Operations Assistants, Production Assistants, and Interns.

Job Duties

  • Supervises and trains personnel involved in all phases of cable television production and post-production to include producing, directing, editing, pre-production planning, operating and maintaining studio, control room, field production and post-production equipment.
  • Supervises the work of employees including hiring, assigning, training, evaluating and taking corrective action including discipline, and handling employee complaints and grievances; as needed.
  • Coordinates the daily operations of the City's graphic and automated video playback systems.
  • Plans and schedules the use of the City's subscriber channels.
  • Plans and schedules the use of the City's cable television production facilities for studio and field productions.
  • Prepares and monitors program playback schedules for the City's channels.
  • Develops and monitors a preventive maintenance schedule for the City's cable television production equipment.
  • Plans promotional campaigns and prepares materials such as press releases, on-air, and printed materials for the City's channels.
  • Gives technical assistance to City departments regarding program development and other uses of cable television technology.
  • Writes reports summarizing the production and operational activities programming and facilities.
  • Assists in directing location and studio productions.
  • Monitors and directs the work activities of student interns.
  • Develops and maintains equipment inventory controls.
  • Prepares reports of activities and routine correspondence.
  • Knowledge and Abilities

    Knowledge of:

  • Principles and techniques for managing television production facilities;
  • Television production, scriptwriting, editing and directing scripted and non-scripted programs and related activities;
  • Maintenance and operation of video production, graphic, and automated playback equipment;
  • Principles and practices of supervision and employee relations;
  • Print and non-print promotional techniques.
  • Hazards and safety principals involved in the daily operations of cable television production.
  • Principles related to the operation of personal computers; business, television, and television graphic software.
  • Ability to:
  • Plan and organize live, taped and remote productions;
  • Work effectively with cable television professional and non-professional talent;
  • Make effective presentations before community groups;
  • Write clear and concise reports and correspondence;
  • Plan and implement promotional campaigns for cable television channels utilizing both print and non-print media;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with City departments, community agencies, fellow employees, other cable television professionals, and the general public;
  • Exercise tact and deal effectively with representatives from other City departments and the public.
  • Apply and interpret polices and procedures related to the City's cable television production facilities.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate production equipment repair and maintenance projects.
  • Supervise the work of subordinate staff including coordinating, assigning, monitoring and evaluating work, training, counseling and disciplining staff.
  • Special Requirements

    A valid Class 3 California Driver's License


    Any combination of training, education and experience that would have provided the required knowledge and skills is qualifying. A typical to obtain the knowledge and skills would be:
    Three years of experience in the management of television production or facilities; and a Bachelor's degree in Communications, Television Production, Business Administration, or a related field.