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City of Torrance
Class Code: 3533

Class Designation: Civil Service

October 1989

Representation Unit: Torrance Professional &
Supervisory Assoc. 


Building Inspection Supervisor


Under direction, to supervise, train and coordinate the work of construction inspectors performing inspection work in all phases of construction, alteration, and repair for adherence to plans, specifications, and for compliance with codes of the City and applicable acts of the State of California; to supervise the issuance of permits, and to do related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This class is distinguished from the Building Regulations Administrator in that the incumbent is not responsible for the overall supervision and operation of the Building Regulations Division. This class is further distinguished from the senior level construction inspectors in that those classifications are not responsible for supervision of subordinate staff.

Example of Duties

Supervises, assigns and lays out the work of construction inspectors engaged in the inspection of residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings for conformance to Building Code and other related codes and statutes; administers a general building code enforcement program and other specialized enforcement programs dealing with energy, noise, and handicapped regulations; make occupancy inspections to determine compliance of new and existing buildings and structures to building, electrical, plumbing and other related codes, laws, and the State Housing Act; makes field inspections when difficult enforcement or public relations problems arise; checks methods of construction and quality of materials at building sites; submit reports on inspections; reviews inspectors' reports and makes decisions concerning their recommendations; investigates and resolves complaints against inspectors involving code interpretation or professional conduct; recommends changes in procedures, work methods and the Building Code; trains, instructs, and evaluates inspectors in the proper procedures and techniques of inspection and the application and interpretation of Code provisions and departmental policies; oversees statistical data record keeping systems; recommends violations to be submitted for legal action; assists in division budget preparation; coordinates the automated building permit systems; may perform back-up inspections as staffing level necessitates; may serve as staff in matters coming before relevant appeals boards.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of

  • Building Code, and all other parts of the City Code and State laws required to be enforced by the City, such as State energy, noise and handicapped regulations, City zoning codes and uniform building codes;
  • Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and grading requirements and fire regulations;
  • Standards of acceptable building construction, materials, procedures, and safety practices;
  • Administrative regulations, adjudications and opinions relating to building inspection activities and enforcement problems;
  • Principles of soil mechanics as applied to foundations, embankments, fills and excavations;
  • General legal procedures involved in prosecuting violators of the building laws;
  • Principles and practices of supervision;
  • Principles of budgeting.
  • Ability to

  • Analyze, interpret and accurately check plans and specifications for compliance to codes for non-structural requirements;
  • Prepare clear and comprehensive reports, plan correction sheets and inspection records and corrections;
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with engineers, architects, contractors, staff and the general public;
  • Supervise the work of subordinate staff, including coordinating, assigning, monitoring and evaluating staff; hiring and training, counseling and disciplining staff; and processing grievances;
  • Train subordinates on the state-of-the-art construction methods and techniques and upgrade code enforcement techniques;
  • Make difficult interpretations of the Code and fair and equitable decisions where legal requirements are involved;
  • Mediate differences between the department and individuals affected by the Code through conflict resolution.
  • License Required

    A valid Class 3 California Driver's License.


    Five years experience as a Building Inspector for a municipal or county building department. Two of the above five years may be substituted as a superintendent, supervisor, or contractor with experience in the construction of commercial, industrial or similar type complex structures.


    Equivalent to graduation from high school. A certificate or degree in Inspection Technology from a university or college or an Inspector's Certificate from the International Conference of Building Officials is preferred.