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City of Torrance
Class Code: 5706

Class Designation: Civil Service

January 1979

Representation Unit: Torrance Municipal Employees
(AFSCME Local 1117)


Airport Worker


Under general supervision, to tie down aircraft and maintain required airport records; to inspect, perform routine maintenance and cleanup of airport runways, taxi ways, parking aprons, hangars, airport lands and equipment; to perform fire suppression in emergency situations until the Fire Department arrives; and to do related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Distinguished from Airport Operations and Maintenance chief in that the incumbent is not responsible for assigning or supervising full-time airport personnel engaged in the operation and maintenance of airport operating areas. Distinguished from other City maintenance classifications such as Semi-Skilled Laborer or Groundskeeper in that other classes are not required to do the broad range of grounds; equipment maintenance or construction, record keeping, provision of security or response to emergency situations unique to the environment and operations of a municipal airport.

Example Of Duties

Inspects runways and taxi ways for obstructions, cleans, repairs as necessary and removes weeds; inspects, cleans, performs minor repairs and conducts preventative maintenance upon airport field lighting and signals; under supervision, sprays weed killers, mows grass, trims trees and plants grass and shrubs; cleans drains, drainage areas and ditches and makes minor repairs to drains and headwalls for flood control; removes rocks, grades and levels airport grounds as required; performs minor service and repairs on airport equipment such as vehicles and power tools. Operates local government radio base station and mobile radios, maintaining communications at all times with FAA personnel in the Airport Control Tower; ties down transient and permanently based aircraft in assigned spaces when necessary; assigns transient aircraft temporary parking spaces; collects transient tie down fees and maintains records of transient aircraft using the airport; conducts a daily aircraft tie down inventory. Responds to all airport emergency situations/accidents; operates airport fire suppression equipment until the Fire Department arrives on the scene; renders immediate first aid until proper authorities arrive; closes runways or the airport as required. Assists in enforcing airport rules and regulations; issues Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) as required; performs airport security functions by opening and closing gates and monitoring hangar and tie down areas; prepares reports and various forms incidental to airport operations, maintenance and security.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of

  • Safe working practices in and around construction equipment and/or areas;
  • Safe working practices in lifting heavy objects and using power equipment and hand tools.
  • Ability to

  • Learn basic fire suppression and first aid;
  • Learn safe working practices around moving and stationary aircraft;
  • Operate power equipment and hand tools;
  • Perform simple and routine maintenance on airport equipment, such as lawn mowers, light trucks and airplane tractors;
  • Learn to perform simple and routine maintenance on electrical lighting circuits;
  • Read simple schematics and blueprints to trace airport lighting system failures and isolate bad circuits for repair;
  • Perform simple arithmetic calculations;
  • Receive money and give proper change;
  • Maintain accurate shift operation log books and other records;
  • Read and understand FAA advisory notices and airport standard operating procedures;
  • Maintain effective working relationships with pilots, members of the public and other airport personnel.
  • License Required

    A valid Class III California Driver's License, a Class II License is desirable.

    One year of experience in work that would indicate possession of construction, maintenance or mechanical skills and the ability to learn a variety of maintenance, construction and mechanical tasks.


    No specific minimum.