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City of Torrance
Class Code: 1212

Class Designation: Civil Service

January 1966

Representation Unit: Engineers Assoc. &
Torrance Fiscal Employees Assoc.


Senior Account Clerk


Under general supervision, to perform responsible clerical work in connection with keeping or reviewing financial or statistical records; to advise subordinate account clerks on detail; and to do related work as required.

Example Of Duties

Opens, verifies, balances and adjusts accounts; maintains complex ledger systems; posts, assembles, tabulates and compares financial data; prepares and checks warrants, invoices, time records, requisitions, purchase orders and similar fiscal documents; keeps various financial records requiring the use of independent judgment; sets up and maintains indexes, files and other records; prepares and reviews various statistical or accounting tables and reports; prepares accounting, statistical reports, and schedules; operates adding, calculating, bookkeeping and other office machines; keeps records of cash transactions and of receipts issued; prepares and sends bills; sends out delinquent notices; provides detailed information for callers; prepares letters from notes; checks payrolls and verifies amounts of deductions, account distributions and totals; prepares demands for City Council; maintains records of payment delinquency; closes canceled accounts; reconciles accounts; assigns and reviews the work of subordinate clerks.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

  • The principles and practices of financial record keeping including bookkeeping;
  • Journal and ledger accounts systems;
  • Modern office practices and the operation of fiscal office appliances.

Ability to:

  • Operate a variety of office machines including adding and calculating machines;
  • Make arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately;
  • Use initiative and judgment in discussing problems with the public involving office practices and policies;
  • Compose letters from general oral and written instructions;
  • Type accurately;
  • Supervise the work of others.


Three years of experience in the preparation and maintenance of financial records.


Equivalent to graduation from high school, preferably including or supplemented by courses in bookkeeping or financial record keeping.