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City of Torrance
Class Code: 5535
Class Designation: Civil Service
March 2001
Representation Unit: Torrance Municipal Employees
(AFSCME Local 1117)

Wireless Technician


Under general supervision, performs skilled work in the installation, maintenance, and repair of mobile and stationary radios, public-safety lights and sirens, voice intercoms and recording systems, and other electronic communications equipment; and performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Distinguished from the Communications Supervisor - Telecommunications or Communications Supervisor - Wireless in that the incumbent does not supervise the operation, installation and maintenance of the City's telephone or radio communications system. Distinguished from the Telecommunications Technician in that the incumbent does not perform telecommunications related work. At this level, incumbents work with only occasional instruction or assistance; work is reviewed upon completion for overall results.

Supervision Exercised/Received

Receives general supervision from the Communications Supervisor - Wireless. May provide functional supervision to outside contractors and vendors.

Example Of Duties

The following duties represent the principal job duties: however, they are not all inclusive.
  • Maintains and repairs two-way radio, point-to-point microwave, communications consoles, voice recorders, public address systems, lights and sirens systems and intercom systems.
  • Installs and services electronic communications equipment in automobiles, motorcycles, buses, heavy equipment, trucks and facilities.
  • Tests and troubleshoots solid state components, multi-layer printed circuit boards, cabling harnesses and RF transmission waveguide, antenna systems and signal multiplexers.
  • Works closely with vendors, contractors and other departments as required during projects, repairs and change orders.
  • Uses various tools, test and PC-based equipment to configure, program, troubleshoot and calibrate equipment assemblies and systems.
  • Services and configures radio transmitters in accordance with FCC regulations.
  • Maintains records and files of installations, maintenance, inventory and repair work performed and prepares reports on work completed.
  • Participates in the design and fabrication of special electronic apparatus.
  • Examples of Other Duties

    The following duties represent duties that are generally performed by this position, but are not considered to be principal job duties.
  • Assists in warehousing and inventorying parts and equipment.
  • Researches technical parts and supplies.
  • Uses personal computers and work center applications.
  • Assigns, reviews and coordinates the work of outside contractors and vendors and orients them to the City's campus and associated radio communications equipment and facilities.
  • Follows up on work performed to confirm end user satisfaction.
  • Conducts one-on-one and group training on equipment maintenance.
  • Maintains workspace and adheres to work center and safety policies.
  • Performs related duties as required.
  • Qualification Guidelines

    Knowledge of
  • Direct and alternating current principles and equipment applications.
  • Radio frequency transmission cabling, antennas and propagation theory.
  • FCC regulations pertaining to RF transmission equipment.
  • Analog audio recording, duplication and transport theory
  • Audio distribution and public address systems and equipment.
  • Discrete electronic component and subassembly repair techniques.
  • Specialty and standard test equipment and testing procedures.
  • Electronic and RF safety procedures and safeguards.
  • Hand and power tool procedures and safety considerations.
  • Public relations and customer service techniques.
  • City policies and procedures affecting departmental operations.
  • General City operations.
  • Applicable local, State and Federal laws and regulations.
  • Ability to
  • Repair radio communications equipment to assembly and component level.
  • Diagnose system and equipment problems based on user information and follow-up.
  • Perform equipment alignment and preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Conduct service calls independently and at off-site locations.
  • Staff drive-in service bays and perform line-replaceable subassembly exchanges.
  • Install equipment to work center specifications in a variety of applications.
  • Follow oral and written instructions.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those encountered in the course of work; internal and external to the City;
  • Learn and utilize new skills and information to improve job performance and efficiency.
  • Manage multiple tasks, as well as determine priorities and adjust work schedule accordingly.
  • Maintain confidentiality and exercise sound judgment.
  • License or Certificate

    An appropriate valid California driver's license; possession of a Federal Communications Commission license is desirable. Possession of a NABER or similar certification is also desirable.

    Education and Experience

    Any combination of education and experience that would have provided the required knowledge and skills is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills would be:
    Graduation from high school or equivalent is required and four years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing radio and electronic communications equipment is required. Completion of trade or technical school is desirable

    Special Requirements

    Performance of the essential duties of this position includes the following physical demands and/or working conditions.
    Requires the ability to perform heavier physical tasks such as walking, standing, climbing, lifting and carrying objects of moderate weight (12-50 pounds); and/or the operation of vehicles, office, shop or hand tools in which manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination are important ingredients of safe and/or productive operations.
    Climbs stepped antenna structures up to 100 feet high using safety harness. Rides high-lift apparatus, uses ladders and works on multi-story buildings. Works in enclosed areas and underground.

    Career Ladder Information

    Experience gained in this classification in addition to training and coursework may serve to meet the qualification guidelines for Communications Supervisor - Wireless.