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Who Needs a Business License?

You are required to have a City of Torrance Business License if your company is located in the City of Torrance; will physically be working in the City of Torrance; or will be using your own vehicles to deliver to the City of Torrance.

For additional information and licensing requirements, please contact the City of Torrance Business License Office at (310) 618-5923.

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Business License Guideline

Who Needs a Business License?
Anyone conducting, engaged in, managing or carrying on any profession, trade, calling, occupation or commercial enterprise in the City.

Home Occupation Permit
A business operated from a residence in Torrance requires approval of a Home Occupation Permit from the Planning Department before applicant can apply for a business license.

Zoning Approval Required
Zoning Approval is required for your business address if:

  • your business is the first business to occupy the location.
  • your business is a change of use from what has been licensed at the location.
  • the business location has been vacant for over 90 days.

If zoning approval is required the license division will fill out and circulate an interdepartmental approval form to the Environmental Division, Building Department and Fire Department. If applicable, it will also be sent to the Planning Department. When the form is signed off and returned to the License Division the applicant will be contacted so that they can license. If the location is denied by one of the departments the applicant will be notified and the appropriate department will explain what needs to be done to receive approval.

Alcoholic Beverage License  (click for link)
If your business is going to sell any type of alcoholic beverages you must first obtain an Alcoholic Business License from the State Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Sales Tax Number  (click for link)
If your business requires a State Sales Tax Number, you must obtain this number from the State Board of Equalization before you can license. The State Board of Equalization is located at 5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 200, Culver City and their phone number is (310) 342-1000.

Fictitious Name Statement  (click for link)
Fictitious Name Statements (DBA-doing business as) are filed with the Los Angeles County Clerk. Local Newspapers also have the necessary forms and will handle the filing for you.

Alarm System Permit  (click for link)
If your business or home has an alarm system installed you will be required to obtain an Alarm System Permit. Applications for the permit can be obtained here or from the Business License Division.

Fire Inspection Fee
A Fire Inspection Fee is charged to all new businesses licensing from a fixed place, and currently licensed places of business that relocate in the City. The fee is paid by each business at each location and subsequent annual inspections are an additional cost. The Fire Department will inspect the building construction versus the type of occupancy to insure no hazardous process or operation is being conducted.

Health Permit
If a Health Permit is required for your business, your license information will be forwarded to the Los Angeles County Health Department for approval. Your license and health permit will be issued when approval is received.

Handbill Permit
License Tax is payable for distributing any handbills in Torrance. The fee is charged per person/per day and the permit must be obtained from the License Division before you distribute handbills.

Handbills must be delivered to the door of any house, apartment, or place of business or handed to a person and not otherwise left or thrown on private or public property. No handbill shall be placed on any automobile in Torrance.

For more information, please call:
Finance Department
Business License Division

7:30 am to 5:30 pm (Monday through Friday, closed alternate Fridays)