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Trash and Recycling Bins

Residential Trash and Recycling Collection

The Sanitation Division handles residential refuse and recycling collection as well as the collection for the City Hall complex, City parks, fire stations, and the Police Department. 

Residential refuse and recycling is collected once per week, Monday through Thursday (except holidays & weekends) for 30,500 single and duplex homes, plus 3 and 4 unit complexes which meet certain criteria.  Refuse and recycling is collected with automated trucks.  Each household that has curb side trash pick up is provided with a 96-gallon container for trash.  There is also a smaller, easier-to-handle 64-gallon size available for trash.  Those residents with alley pick up share a 300-gallon container that is placed in the alley.  Each household is provided with a 96-gallon container for recycling; the 64-gallon recycling container is being phased out.

Click here for a quick reference on all the City's refuse and recycling programs.

There are 250,000 tons of refuse collected throughout the City (including businesses and multi-family homes) of which 51,000 tons of refuse are collected by the City. The remaining 199,000 tons are picked up by private haulers.

To set up trash and recycling service or ask billing questions, please call our toll-free Customer Service Line at 1-855-354-5623. You can also view and pay your Torrance Trash and/or Water bill on-line through our billing company, Global Water, by clicking here.  You will need your account number.  Note that after signing up for e-bills, you will no longer get your bill through the mail.  Instead, you will get an e-mail reminder.

NOTE: On your refuse collection day, be sure your automated container is at the curb, 3-4 feet away from any obstructions, by 7:00 a.m. Do not overfill your container. If you need additional capacity, leave the lid open and place a 30-gallon trash bag on top of your other waste. In some neighborhoods, where streets are very congested, it is recommended that containers be placed in the street at the curb. Containers carry a "No Parking" notice to remind residents to allow clearance for pickup of container when parking on the street. 

For residents who continually have extra trash that will not fit in the regular trash container, extra 96-gallon containers are available for an additional fee (see Refuse Rates) and a one-time delivery fee of $10.00.  The extra container must be kept for a minimum of six (6) months, after which time it can be returned if it is no longer needed.  If you would like additional refuse containers, click here to request change in your Sanitation Service. 

We encourage residents to recycle whenever possible.  Additional recycling bins are available free of charge for residents who have extra recycling that does not fit into one recycling bin.  If you have the small, 64-gallon recycling bin and wish to replace it with the larger, 96-gallon recycling bin, click here for the request form.

For residents that require roll-off containers/dumpsters, the containers need to be rented from a private rubbish company.  Click here for a .pdf list of private rubbish companies that have a business license in Torrance.  If the container/dumpster is placed on City property, a permit is required.  A permit can be obtained from Community Development at 310-618-5898 or click here to go to Community Development Permits webpage.

Important Notice
** If you live in a single-family residence and are not receiving services such as refuse collection from the City of Torrance, more than likely, your address is not considered City of Torrance. It is recommended that you call the City of Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles Service Request Number is 1-800-996-2489 or
click here to go to the City of Los Angeles Sanitation site.

Click here to go to the Los Angeles Sanitation District's listing of transfer stations within twenty (20) miles of Torrance.  Call locations before visiting to confirm availability.

Recycling Programs
The City of Torrance provides information, literature and materials to help inform and educate the public on waste reduction issues and procedures.   We provide speakers and materials for local and community organizations such as Boy and Girl Scout troops, Lions, Rotary and homeowner associations. We also offer a school education program that has been presented for 5 years in the Torrance Unified School District. For recycling events and additional links, click here.

For all residents who want to cash in their plastic and glass bottles and metal cans that have CRV (California Redemption Value), click here to go to to find a redemption center near you.

For those looking for information on what to do with various recyclables and hazardous materials, go to

Apartments and Businesses Without City Refuse Service