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Sand Bags

Sandbags for Torrance Residents

Street Maintenance provides free sandbags to residents in Torrance residing in single-family homes and duplexes only. During storms, Street Maintenance orders and fills sandbags for Torrance residents. Each resident can pick up a maximum of 25 filled sandbags at no cost at the City Yard, depending on availability.

Please call Public Works at 310-781-6900 before coming to the City Yard to make sure a crew is available to help load the sandbags into a truck or car.  Also, be sure to bring some form of ID (Driver's License) to show residency within the City of Torrance.

During after-hours storm emergencies, Torrance residents may call the Torrance Fire Department at 310-781-7042 for information on sandbag availability. 


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For residents of the City of Los Angeles (all addresses east of Western Avenue), please click here for sandbag and other storm-related information in Los Angeles