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186th Street Improvements at Columbia Park, I-140

Anza Ave. Rehabilitation (190th St. to Sepulveda Blvd.), I-144

Crenshaw Blvd. Rehabilitation (Sepulveda Blvd. - Skypark Dr. and Pacific Coast Highway - south City limit), I-120

Downtown Torrance Pedestrian Improvement, T-115

Hawthorne Blvd. Rehabilitation (Pacific Coast Highway-Southerly City limit), T-45

Hawthorne Blvd. Water Main Replacement (Lomita Blvd. to P.C.H.) and Crenshaw Blvd. Water Main Replacement (Artesia Blvd. to 181st St.), I-153

Pacific Coast Highway at Hawthorne Boulevard Intersection Improvements, T-131

Residential Street Rehabilitation, I-94 (Area A)

Residential Street Rehabilitation, I-94 (177th Street)

Traffic Signal Left Turn Phasing Upgrades, T-128 (Phase II)



Farmers' Market Bollard Installation, FEAP 910

Miscellaneous Sewer Main Improvements and Repairs, CIP No. I-61/I-149

North Torrance Well Field Project, Phase II, I-108

Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal, FEAP #764 


2015 Residential Slurry Seal Program, I-159 and Arterial Pavement Sealing Program, I-139

Citywide Sidewalk Ramping and Grinding Program (FY2014-15), I-152

Crenshaw Blvd. Rehabilitation (182nd St. - 190th St.), T-22

Machado Lake Trash TMDL Project, CIP I-138

Palos Verdes Boulevard Rehabilitation, I-121

Stormwater Basin Enhancement Project, Bid #B2014-12,  I-102

Underground Street Light Installation for Van Ness Boulevard from Torrance Boulevard to Cravens Avenue and Del Amo Boulevad From Victor Street to Henrietta Street

Walteria Reservoir Slope Stability Project, I-95

Zamperini Field Security Project (FEAP 616)



Construction of Four Vertical Landfill Gas Wells (Drilling and Installation)

The Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation and Beautification I-125

Sidewalk Repair for Handicap Accessibility, I-135 (CDBG #601478-12)

190th Street Rehabilitation (City Limit to Hawthorne Blvd), T-49

190th Street Rehabilitation (Hawthorne Blvd to Prairie Ave), I-130

2005 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Program (I-1)

Arterial Street Pavement Sealing Program, I-139

Bus Stop Accessibility Improvements Project (CDBG # 601414-11) B2011-40

City Yard Improvements and Street Sweeper Transfer Station, Feap 572

Construction of the North Torrance Well Field Project, CIP No. I-108, Phase 1

Crenshaw Boulevard Rehabilitation (Sepulveda Blvd to Maricopa St), T-51

Del Amo Blvd. Extension, T-30 

Downtown Sewer Main Replacement - Phase 1

Downtown Sewer Rehabilitation - Phase 2, I-69

Hawthorne Blvd. and Skypark Drive Intersection Improvements

Madrona Marsh Restoration and Enhancement Project CIP I-77

Madrona Marsh Sump Dredging Project, FEAP No. 782

Madison Street and Skypark Drive Reconstruction, I-122 & Meadow Park Parking Lot Rehabilitation, I-118

Median Island Improvements for the Beautification of Hawthorne Blvd. from Del Amo Blvd. to Torrance Blvd.

N47 Maple Ave. @ Sepulveda Blvd., I-111

North Torrance Residential Street Rehabilitation, I-5 and Kent/Galva Street Rehabilitation and Water Main Replacement, I-5/I-88

North Torrance Water Main Replacement Project I-24 and Water Main and Sewer Replacement and Street Improvements at Via Corona

North Torrance Water Main Replacement Project, I-73

Parking Lot Resurfacing at the Torrance Police Department

Plaza del Amo Sewer Project, I-61

Residential Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Program, I-93

Residential Slurry Seal Program, I-159

Residential Slurry Seal Program, I-159 PHASE B (SUMMER 2014)

Residential Street Rehabilitation, I-94 (Area C)

Residential Street Slurry Seal Program (FY 2009-11), I-100 (Summer 2012)

Residential Street Slurry Seal Program (FY 2009-11), I-100

Sepulveda Blvd. Rehabilitation & Water Main Replacement, T-48/I-89

Sidewalk Ramping and Grinding Program (FY2009-11), I-101

Sidewalk Grinding Program (FY2012-13)

Slurry Seal of City Parking Facilities

Slurry Seal Program for FY2011-12, I-119

Storm Water Retention Basin and Channel Perimeter Fencing and Gates (Feap 471)

T-1 Water Vault Upgrade, CIP No. I-104, C2009-095

Teen Center Drainage Improvement Project, I-160

Torrance Boulevard, T43/44 - Phase 2

Torrance Blvd. Rehabilitation, T-43/44 & Torrance Blvd. Storm Drain Improvements, I-96

Torrance Centennial Plaza, Construction FEAP 739

Torrance Park Handicap Accessibility Project, I-161

Traffic Signal Left Turn Phasing Upgrades, T-128 (Phase I)

Western Avenue Landscape Project, A-19

Western Avenue and Rolling Hills Road Water Main Replacement Project, CIP No. I-107

and Recycled Water Retrofits for Anza Avenue Medians and Parks Project, CIP No. I-78

Wilson Park Pond Renovation, Feap No. 709