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*New Hire Applicant *Lateral Police Officer  

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To become a Police Officer for the City of Torrance, you will need to complete the entire hiring process. The links on the left represent all the steps of the process. You can click on the links to see a detailed explanation of each step. Some of the steps are explained via video clips and you will need the appropriate player-QuickTime or Windows Media-to view them. The first step in the process for a lateral applicant is to complete a standard City of Torrance application.  Applications are being accepted on a continuous basis.  Applications are available online at  You may also contact the Human Resources Department, Recruitment & Selection Division at 310-618-2915 or via email at jobinfo@TorranceCA.Gov to receive a paper application. Upon receipt of the application, completely fill out all necessary information and return it as soon as possible to the Human Resources Department. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed and confirmed that you meet the minimum requirements for the position. You will then be scheduled for an oral interview.

Oral Board
Upon qualification by the Human Resources Department, you will be notified and given a date for an oral interview. The Torrance Police Department conducts oral board exams for lateral applicants every six to eight weeks. This time frame is dependent upon the total number of applicants who have applied.

Three members of the Torrance Police Department conduct the exam. And your score on the interview is weighted at 100%.

Upon successful completion of the oral interview, you will be scheduled for a "Pre-Background Interview". This interview is the beginning of the background investigation process for you.

Background Process

Officer Gregory Satterfield explains the background process of a new hire applicant.

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Polygraph Exam
Both lateral and new hire applicants must complete a polygraph exam. The Polygraph is one of the last steps of the background investigation. And it's an investigative tool used to confirm the consistency of your statements and the thoroughness of our background investigators.

The test is not designed to eliminate you from the process. It is only a device that contributes to the overall completeness of the background investigation.

Psychological Exam
The psychological exam consists of two steps. The first step is the completion of two written tests-the MMPI2 and the 16-PF psychological exams. Each exam measures personality traits in both the normal and abnormal ranges.

Upon completion of the exams, the tests are scored and the results sent to one of our department psychologists. He will review the results and conduct a follow up interview with you. During the interview the psychologists will discuss the results of the test. He will also discuss any other areas of your character that he feels are important to your ability to perform the job.

Medical Exam
Lateral and new hire applicants will be required to complete a medical exam. The exam consists of a general physical in addition to an EKG, treadmill stress test, and any necessary x-rays.

Field Training
New hire and lateral applicants must complete the field-training program. However, new hire applicants are assigned to the field-training bureau for a period of seven months. And lateral officers with patrol experience are assigned to the field-training bureau for only four months.

Field Training Officer Scott Cameron discusses the training program during this video clip.

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Patrol Operations
Upon completion of the field-training program you will be assigned to day watch patrol. Day watch is the only shift within our department that patrols in one-officer units. And this is your opportunity to demonstrate an ability to perform the job functions of a police officer.

Officer Christopher Valento discusses this phase of the training program.

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