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Zamperini Field

Zamperini Field

The Torrance Airport is located at 3301 Airport Drive, Torrance, 90505.  The Airport Operations section of the Operations Division is a seven person crew that is responsible for runway, taxiway, taxilane and airfield maintenance at the City of Torrance's airport, Zamperini Field.  The airport property consists of 500 acres, of which 140 acres are leased for non-aeronautical purposes. The remaining 360 acres is available for aeronautical purposes.  Zamperini Field is a busy operation with approximately 205,000 takeoffs or landings to date.  Approximately  98,000 of those were round-trip flights that originated at Zamperini Field. Airport Operations staff is responsible for keeping the property in good condition including mowing the air fields (areas adjacent to runways and taxiways), maintaining the lighting systems, and keeping the General Aviation Center clean. Transient tie-down operations including the collection of fees are also managed by Airport Operations staff. Staff also assists with preparations for special events including the Air Fair. 

The Duty Officer is on-site daily, 5AM to10PM.  The Duty Officer is in constant contact with the FAA Tower and is the first response to aircraft incidents that may occur within the airport boundaries.

The Duty Officer can be reached at 1-310-784-7914.

For hanger and facility questions and concerns, call General Services - Airport Administration at 1-310-784-7900 or click here to go to the webpage.

For land lease information, call the City Manager's Office at 1-310-618-5880.

For Noise Abatement, call 1-310-784-7950 or click here to go to the webpage.

Torrance Airport Traffic Control Tower Letters of Agreement:

Airport Emergency Service (.pdf)

Exchange of Airport Conditions (.pdf)

Use of Alternate Facilities during Tower Evacuation (.pdf)

Jurisdictional Responsibilities of Movement and Non-Movement Areas (.pdf)