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Welcome to the City of Torrance History Page

Information is provided by the City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk's office is pleased to offer the public a look at Torrance history through its City Council minutes from 1921 through 1951. 

This new Torrance History page is a look at the history of Torrance government. The first few years are just a beginning; more will be added as time permits.

The minutes offer the reader an opportunity to compare and contrast the issues being considered by the City Council to the stories printed in the "Torrance Press" and the "Torrance Herald." Follow the links to the Historical Newspaper Archives at

Be prepared to spend a few hours searching for specific names or events. Or spend time just poking around. 

A few stories of interest will be "tagged" to help you on the journey. Feel free to share your favorite finds with us at We'll find a way to highlight the most popular stories.

In addition there are bits and pieces of information that will allow you to win any Torrance trivia contest! Check in often as additional information will be added such as the translation of former street names to the current, names of past and current elected officials, Torrance election history, how city buildings were named, and more!