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Construction and Maintenance Bids and Proposals

The Facility Services Division of the General Services Department is responsible for the development and implementation of construction and maintenance projects of City buildings such as libraries, fire stations, city hall, police department, park buildings, city services and transit buildings.  The types of construction projects include: General construction such as renovation and additions, and building maintenance such as repair or replacement of HVAC equipment, electrical upgrades, roofs repairs, and painting.  Our duties include planning, budgeting, designing, and administering the public bidding process and award of Public Works and service contracts, and managing the construction and maintenance projects relating to City facilities.  Below are projects currently bidding and administered by the Facility Services division. 

To see a list of current bids Citywide click here.

RFP B2015-11 HVAC Replacement Services at Various City Buildings

B2014-55 Bid for Roof Replacements at Various Locations- Construction in Progress

B2014-54 Bid for Lighting Retrofits- Construction in Progress

B2014-50 Bid for Civic Center Library Counter and Storefront Replacement Project- Construction in Progress

B2014-49 Bid for Building and Safety Renovation-Construction in Progress

B2014-44 Bid for Benstead Plunge Pool and Mechanical Renovation- Completed

B2014-37 Bid for McMaster Park Building and Park Improvements- Construction In Progress

RFP B2014-35 RFP for Production of Construction Documents -Wilson Park Gazebo Enhancement Project- Design in Progress

B2014-22 Bid for Pueblo Park Improvements- Completed

B2014-13 Bid for Electrical for the Transit Bus Wash Equipment- Completed

B2014-09 Bid for Transit Office Remodel and Training Room Expansion- Construction In Progress

RFP2014-06 Design Build for a Precast Concrete Restroom at Lago Seco Park- Completed

Bid for Installation of a Generator at Torrance Airport-B2013-55- Completed

Bid for Irrigation Controller Retrofit at Various Parks-B2013-45- Completed

Bid for 555 Maple Avenue Recreational Sports Field- B2013-40- Completed

Bid for Replacement of HVAC Units at Various Locations-B2013-33- Completed

Bid for El Retiro Library and Southeast Library Accessibility Upgrades-B2013-37-Completed

Bid for Replacement of the Flooring at the Stanley Remelmeyer Cable Bldg- B2013-22-Completed

Bid for Replacement of the Circulation Pumps at Benstead Plunge-B2013-23-Completed

Bid for Police Department Forensic Laboratory Renovation- B2012-39- Completed

Bid for Sea-Aire Golf Course Irrigation Replacement- B2012-42-Completed

Bid for Renovation of the Personnel Building- B2012-44-Completed 

Bid for Replacement of Bus Wash and Vacuum Systems at the City Yard-B2013-04-Completed

Bid for Renovation of the Columbia Park Soccer Fields-B2013-08-Completed