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The Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation and Beautification - Construction -I-125

Project Description

The City of Torrance is currently in construction of the rehabilitation, repair and beautification of the Historic Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge, listed in the National Register of Historical Places. The Los Angeles County Bridge Inspection Report and the project plans outline bridge repairs to be completed. (See Appendix III.)   Improvements needed consist of concrete repairs of cracks and spalls on the bridge deck, girders, columns, wingwall, soffit, wooden railing replacement, surface cleaning and vegetation grubbing, and lighting. These improvements will meet the Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties as well as current California and Federal building and Public Works Codes and standards.


Notice Inviting Bids



Appendix II Historical Plans






Question: In the plan, page S1.1, Concrete Spall and Patching Repair, it states that "Contractor shall establish a total cost for 85 square feet of total repair and a unit cost per square foot to allow for discovered conditions." How shall we bid this and the concrete crack repair item?

Answer: Unit price and total bid price should be entered using quantities shown on the BIDDER'S PROPOSAL, BID SCHEDULE for the related item description. Unit prices will precede the total bid price when we review the BIDDER'S PROPOSALS. QTY.  65 SF will be used to calculate the total in #9 Spall Repair, and 810 LF will be used in #10 Crack Repair as shown in the BIDDER'S PROPOSAL.




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