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U.S. Air Force Drill Team

A standard 16-person performance features a professionally choreographed sequence of show-stopping weapon maneuvers, precise tosses, complex weapon exchanges, and a walk through the gauntlet of spinning weapons. The Drill Team also provides an incredible four-person performance centered on a stationary drill commander, flanked by four team members who simultaneously hurl their 11-pound weapons over and around the commander -- performing a sequence of events unmatched by any other professional military drill team.

Throughout the year, the Drill Team works with Air Force Recruiting Service to provide presence to hundreds of locations.  The Team tours various Air Force bases, civilian events involving the Air Force, and local communities/school across the globe, as well as spends substantial time providing community relations performances to thousands visiting the Nation's Capital at various national monuments in Washington, D.C. The Drill Team also serves as the lead office for all USAF Honor Guard recruiting.