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Free Recycling Drop-off and Mulch Give-away Event
Torrance City Hall east parking lot area (Enter on Maple Ave.)
3031 Torrance Blvd.
Saturday, June 9, 2012
10 am to 2 pm

First time in Torrance!  Free paper shredding drop-off
A certified company (SHRED-IT) will shred documents on site.  Limit of 4 legal sized boxes or easily lifted bags per vehicle.  Please provide Torrance ID (Driver's license or utility bill) - for Torrance residents and businesses only.

Electronics Recycling drop-off
Walsers will accept computers, TVs, printers, small appliances and other electronics for recycling at this event.  They provide secure handling of sensitive materials and comply with all State and ISO standards.  Please do not bring batteries, lamps, floppy disks or video and audio tapes to this event.  Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from refurbished computers, tested monitors and other electronics are donated to the Madrona Marsh.

Soles for Life - shoe and clothing recycling drop-off
Shoes in any condition, clothes in wearable condition.  Funds will benefit Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) and be used to create clean water sources for developing countries. 

Used oil recycling and filter exchange drop-off
Will accept clean used oil for recycling (cannot be contaminated) and used oil filters for recycling.  Each filter recycled will be exchanged for a $5 coupon to purchase a new filter at participating auto store locations.  (Limit 2 coupons per participant.)  While supplies last.

Mulch give-away (located in the public parking area for the Open House event) 
Chipped and ground materials from City trees and landscaping collected by City crews to reuse as mulch.  While supplies last.

Map of recycling events location

Directions: enter off Maple, between the City Hall and County Courthouse parking lots.  Based on the materials you have, you will be directed toward the appropriate drop-off area.  If you have multiple materials, you may need to exit one area and then come back to the entrance to go to the next drop-off area.

The mulch give away can be accessed separately in the far north section of the large Courthouse parking lot.

We will have directional signage and staff directing traffic at the site.  If there is greater participation than we anticipated, we will do what we can to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities.  We appreciate your patience.

Please check for updates - all locations subject to change.

For more information on the City of Torrance City Yard Open House with the Disaster Preparedness Expo and Environmental Fair on June 9, 2012, click here.