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4th Annual Torrance Advantage Award Winners

Recognizing achievements in the year 2010

On Thursday, March 24, 2011, the City of Torrance hosted the fourth annual Torrance Advantage Awards at the new Toyota Automobile Museum, which recently reopened at the new location at 19600 Van Ness Avenue.  Please join the City in congratulating the 2010 Torrance Advantage Award Winners!

For more information, watch the following video:
CitiCABLE 3 - This Week In Torrance #12.11

The 2010 Torrance Advantage Awards honored local businesses for their innovative economic development strategies for the year 2010 and to say thank you to the invaluable contributions of Torrance businesses to Torrance's strong economy.

Eight awards were presented in four categories, which reflect key areas that align with the goals of the Economic Development program.  In each category, a small business and a large business was recognized.

Winners receive the prestigious "Torrance Advantage Award crystal trophy", $200 to help with basic operating expenses, a signed letter of recognition from the Mayor of Torrance, certificates of recommendation from regional elected officials, and are featured on promotional materials such as the quarterly publication, Torrance Seasonsand other advertising avenues.

Award winners in the four different categories included:

Enriching the Community Award recognizes businesses for their excellence in contributing to the prosperity of Torrance through increase in revenue and tax base.

Quality of Life Community Investor Award recognizes businesses whose products, systems, methods and services contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life for the Torrance community.  Moreover, the Award recognizes businesses that take the extra step and serve the community.

People to People Award recognizes an organization's excellence in enhancing employment opportunities in Torrance. It also recognizes an organization's commitment to its current employees by investing in their talents and skills.

Long-Term Investor Award recognizes businesses that have demonstrated excellence throughout the years with sustained success through partnerships, innovative strategies and continuous effort toward progress.

The City of Torrance congratulates all Award recipients and encourages all Torrance-based businesses to become involved and participate in the 2011 Torrance Advantage Awards.  For more information or any questions, please contact the Economic Development Office at 310-618-5807 or EconomicDevelopment@TorranceCA.Gov.