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 | Cultural Arts Commission

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Governing Code: Division 1, Chapter 3, Article 15, Sections 13.15.1 13.15.8

The goals of the Commission are to continue honoring Torrance citizens whose contributions to the arts are such that the City formally recognizes their achievements; to expand the utilization of the Cultural Arts Center by both touring and local artists, to broaden community awareness of the arts through work with PTAs and other citizen groups and organizations. The Cultural Arts Commission's long range goals are to encourage and promote live cultural presentations for the citizens of Torrance and surrounding cities, and to continue cultural education through City conducted classes, in both the visual and performing arts.

Office Name Term Begins Term Expires First Appointed
Member Lynda Bunting 2-1-2012 1-31-2016 1-15-2008
Member Ed Candioty 2-1-2013 1-31-2017 1-15-2008


Vice Chair

Kathryn Endo-Roberts

Lynn Frangos







Chair Dale A. Korman 2-1-2014 1-31-2018 1-19-2010
Member Anil S. Muhammed 2-1-2014 1-31-2018 1-28-2014
Member Gerry Rische 2-1-2012 1-31-2016 1-15-2008

Eve Rappoport
Cultural Services Manager
Community Services Department
(310) 618-2380

3rd Monday, 7:00 P.M.
West Annex Commission Room
3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA  90503

Minutes are posted after they are approved by the Commission.

Agendas and Minutes