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Water Adjustment Details January 2012

In February 2011, the City adopted a five year water plan to adjust municipal water rates on an annual basis for the period of 2011 through 2015. In accordance with the approved plan, municipal water rates will be adjusted by an overall average of approximately 12% in 2012. The rate change is the second year of the five year rate schedule adjustment.

The increase only applies to the area served by Torrance Municipal  Water (TMW).  For customers billed on a monthly basis, your water bill will reflect the rate adjustment effective on the February  bill. For customers billed on a bi-monthly basis your water bill will reflect the adjustment effective on your March bill. Even with this adjustment, Torrance Municipal Water rates are expected to remain among the lowest in the area. 

Reducing your water use can significantly reduce your water bill and stretch our limited water supplies (click here water saving tips and information on the water situation). For additional information, go to

Water Service Rate Adjustments starting January 2012.

Click here for water conservation and money saving tips.