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PROJECT MANAGER:  Craig Bilezerian, City Engineer


The City's Transit Department (Torrance Transit) is a municipally operated transit system in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.  Torrance Transit directly operates a network of eleven (11) fixed bus routes serving the City of Torrance and the neighboring cities of Carson, Compton, El Segundo, Gardena, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Lomita, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  System wide, on average, Torrance Transit experiences approximately 3.9 million passenger boardings per year.  Torrance Transit has been in continuous operation for over 70 years serving the needs of South Bay residents. The purpose of constructing the Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal (Transit Terminal) is to create a strategically located, multi-modal facility that meets the regional needs of South Bay residents. The construction of this facility will reduce single occupancy vehicle trips due to its close proximity to the I-405 and I-110 and its park and ride facilities. In addition the Transit Terminal will improve regional mobility linking Torrance Transit routes with other regional providers in the Transit Terminal.

The Transit Terminal at build-out shall include, but will not be limited to, the following:
. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified Transit Terminal building (approximately 15,000+ square feet), with the ability to house areas for small retail use, monthly pass sales, infrastructure to house ticket vending machines (TVMs), infrastructure for real time passenger information technologies (RTPI), operator layover area & amenities, supervisor offices, security office/post communications room, training/conference room and a storage room for janitorial supplies and sink;
. Transit Terminal with twelve bus berths, and the ability for two of them to serve 60-foot articulating buses;
. Sufficient amounts of layover space for buses to accommodate current and future demands;
. Approximately 250 space parking lot, with the ability to expand into an approximately 500 space parking structure;
. Drop-off Zone;
. Miscellaneous passenger information kiosks (including real-time information) and security amenities (CCTV Systems);
. Outdoor bicycle storage area;
. Anti-vandalism and anti-skating devices; and
. On-Site and Off-Site engineering design services for roadway, traffic signal, grading, drainage, sewer, water, electrical and communications,  infrastructure to City standards to provide optimal on-site circulation for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

A construction contract was awarded for the Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal Phase 1 - Rough Grading and Storm Drain Construction as shown in the plans and specifications prepared by Frank Webb Architects Inc. for the City of Torrance at the facility located on an approximately five (5) acre parcel of the fifteen (15) acre parcel at 465 Crenshaw Blvd. in City of Torrance, California.


The City awarded a construction contract on December 8, 2015. Construction is slated to begin in April 2016.


View the Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal Work Zone Cam


Request for Proposals - ACTIVE:

Notification Flyer - RFP No. B2016-15 for Construction Inspection Services

Phase I - Rough Grading and Storm Drain Construction:

Notice Inviting Bids

Specifications & Special Provisions

Plans - Advanced / Rough Grading

Plans - Storm Drain System

Pre-Bid Meeting Sign In/Out Sheet B2015-35 - 10/19/2015

Request for Information (RFI) Log B2015-35 - Phase I Rough Grading RFP

Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

B2015-35 Bid Summary

B2015-35 Bidder's Submittals

1 - Southern California Grading, Inc.

2 - Calex Engineering Company

3 - PALP, Inc. dba Excel Paving

4 - Crew, Inc.

5 - Fata Construction & Development

6 - Earth Construction & Mining

All final calculations, estimates, etc. shall be per the final signed and "Rough Only Approved" stamped plans of the official bid set.

- Vector PDF: Advanced / Rough Grading Plans
- CAD Files: Advanced / Rough Grading Plans

By opening the above CAD package or using this Digital Data/Electronic Media ("Data"), you are acknowledging that the enclosed Data is provided at your request for the project referenced.  In using it, modifying it or accessing information from it, you are responsible for confirmation, accuracy and checking of the Data.  If applicable, you are responsible for comparing the Data with that on the applicable hard copy to confirm that there are no errors.
The City of Torrance ("City") and Psomas hereby disclaims any and all responsibility from any results obtained in use of this Data, and does not guarantee any accuracy of the information.  In no event shall the City and Psomas, or its employees, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, consequential or other damages, however caused, nor on any theory of liability, arising in any way out of the use of this Data, whether or not you have been advised of the possibility of such damage.
The Data was created by Psomas for the purposes of developing and communicating the design intent of the Project and for their use in the preparation of two-dimensional construction documents for the Project.  The Data may not accurately reflect all quantities, surface areas and volumes, and may not accurately or completely describe all engineering elements of the Project.
The Data was not created or intended for use directly in construction and are not contract documents.  Differences may exist between the Data and corresponding hard-copy contract documents.  In the event that a conflict arises between the signed and sealed hard-copy contract documents prepared by Psomas (or its consultants) and the Data, the signed and sealed hard-copy contract documents shall govern.  The City and/or Psomas are not responsible for determining if any conflicts exist. 

The following B2015-21 documents are FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY:

B2015-21 Request for Information (RFI) Log - Phase I Rough Grading RFP

B2015-21 Pre-Bid Meeting Sign In/Out Sheet - 08/18/2015

B2015-21 Bid Summary

B2015-21 Bidder's Submittals

1 - Los Angeles Engineering, Inc.

2 - Sanders Construction Services

3 - Fata Construction & Development

4 - Walsh Construction Company

5 - Southern California Grading, Inc.

6 - PALP, Inc. dba Excel Paving

Request for Proposals - CLOSED:

RFP No. B2015-31 for Geotechnical Services

Request for Information (RFI) Log - Geotechnical Services RFP


For questions about this project, please contact Craig Bilezerian, City Engineer, at (310)781-6900