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Link to RFP No. B2014-30 - RFP for Publicly Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

                                  Torrance EV Study

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- EV Survey

- Suggested EV Sites

- EV Status Map

- Planning Commission Staff Report - 6/06/12


    The City of Torrance is currently undertaking an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure study and we need your help!

    In 2008, the Strategic Plan committee was formed by community members from all sectors of Torrance.  The volunteers reached a consensus that "stewardship of the environment" should be a priority, and "using alternative fuels" should be among our goals to accomplish that priority.  The City Council's 2010 Strategic Action Plan included various environmental initiatives, including key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the City promoting, facilitating and attracting alternative fueling resources to and within Torrance.  Also, in 2010, Honda developed the Honda EV-Fit program to further cross-sector collaboration with Google, Stanford University and the City of Torrance.  Each partner has a unique focus within the partnership; Torrance is concentrating on facilitating the development of an extensive Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the City with a goal of never being more than one mile away from an accessible charging station anywhere in town.  In addition to working internally toward the "1 Mile, 1 Charger" goal, staff is also working with the South Bay Environmental Services staff to facilitate the development of EV infrastructure throughout the South Bay.  By coordinating such activities, staff hopes to provide recommendations for placement, use and operation of the charging units to installers, as well as coordinate functions such as permitting requirements and inspections to best facilitate the EV-movement.

    Why EVs?
    The City is looking to facilitate the development of the alternative fuels sector to promote job creation and lasting improvements to our environment.  Torrance is committed to reducing local Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and the development of alternative fuels is one way of doing so.  Currently, propane fueling is available at various locations in the city, including the City Yard (20500 Madrona Avenue).  Also at the City Yard is an operating Bio-Diesel Co-Operative and a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station.  In May 2011, Shell and Toyota Motor Sales USA, partnered to develop and open the City's first public Hydrogen fueling station.  Recently, some gasoline stations have also converted some re-fueling pumps to E-85 flex fuel.  Publicly accessible EV-infrastructure, however, is considerably limited given the number of EV vehicles on the road and available for sale.  The Honda partnership, and the relationship the City enjoys with both Toyota and GM, present an excellent opportunity to better comprehend the demands for EV cars and EV infrastructure, while supporting the efforts to reduce emissions and support Torrance's corporate citizens.

    Public Involvement
    City staff developed an exercise known as the "Plug-(p)in Maps" where members of the public can "plug-in" a pin into aerial maps of the city to reflect their preferred location for an EV charger.  This exercise was completed at various environmental functions, such as the 2011 Torrance Environmental Fair and the 2011 Honda Employee Earth Day Fair, with much success.  In an effort to expand our public outreach, we have decided to go viral, and allow individuals to submit their suggestions from anywhere.  The suggestions received to date have been compiled on this map and are available for your review.  Please take a moment to review the previously submitted comments and if you have a suggestion for a location, please share either the address or closest street intersection.  There is also the ability to submit a written comment as well.  If your suggested location has already been "pinned," feel free to submit the same site again, as the more pins are placed at a site, the greater the public interest is reflected for a particular property or area.  Staff can then use this information for EV infrastructure resources to be used in a manner that best reflect the public's interest in EVs.

    Thank You!

    Jeffery W. Gibson
    Community Development Director