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Noise Abatement FAQ's


When I call noise abatement I always get the voicemail. Do they really check their messages?

Yes.  The Noise Abatement office is currently staffed in the afternoons, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday-Thursday, and messages are checked once staff gets into the office.  If no one answers the phone, it is best to leave a message; including date, time, why you are calling, and a name and phone number if you would like a return phone call.

How do I make a complaint?

Complaints can be made at the Noise Abatement office or via telephone/voicemail. Noise Abatement staff will need the time and date of the violation, what kind of violation (loud aircraft, curfew violations, etc.), and location of the violation (address, hundred block or cross streets and city).  Descriptions and tail numbers of aircraft are not always possible, but are very helpful to the Noise Abatement office.  Making a complaint does not require your name, address or phone number.  If you would like a return phone call, please leave a name and phone number so staff can respond.  

Where is the Noise Abatement Office?

The Noise Abatement office is at Zamperini Field, in the General Aviation Center, 3301 Airport Drive Torrance, CA  90505.

What happens when I make a noise complaint?

The complaint is logged by date, time, general location, type of aircraft and type of violation, and then it is investigated by the Noise Abatement staff.  If it is found that an aircraft is in violation, staff will log the violation and send a Notice of Violation letter to the owner/pilot of the aircraft.

Why is it that Torrance can not enforce on aircraft flying over my home, and referred me to the FAA?

The Torrance Airport Noise Abatement office is responsible for monitoring noise around the airport and enforcing what is written in the Torrance Municipal Code.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has jurisdiction over safety concerns and airspace usage. FAA can be reached at (310) 725-3638 or

How high does an aircraft have to fly above my residential neighborhood?

The Torrance Airport and the Noise Abatement office do not regulate altitude for aircraft; this is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Once an aircraft leaves the airport, it is in navigable airspace and subject to federal law.  The FAA can be reached at (310) 725-3638 or

Who do I call if the airplanes/helicopters are flying too low over my neighborhood?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assistance line is (310) 725-3638 or

 If the aircraft is a Coast Guard Helicopter you may also call (310) 215-2112.

Why is the Coast Guard Helicopter flying over my house?

The Coast Guard may be responding to an emergency, routine duty or training, it is best to call the Coast Guard direct at (310) 215-2112.

I thought Jets weren't allowed at the Torrance Airport?

The Torrance Airport does not provide Jet fuel services. However, Jet aircraft are allowed to use the airfield for take off, landings, training and storage.

How late can a plane land at the airport?

Aircraft are not prohibited from landing at any time. Aircraft are still required to meet daytime and/or night time noise limits (unless the aircraft is exempted per code or there is a bona fide emergency).

Why are Safety Aircraft (Coastguard, Police Dept., etc.) not cited for noise or curfew violations? 

Emergency/Law Enforcement aircraft, Military aircraft, aircraft owned by the United States of America or the State of California, Civil Air Patrol and conducting tests are specifically exempted by the Torrance Municipal Code (TMC 46.8.10 & 51.4.2).

What time can planes start taking off at the airport?

7:00 am Monday - Friday and 8:00 am Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.  For more information check the Noise Abatement Flyer on this website or call the Noise Abatement office at (310)784-7950.

Can I get an exemption for an Early Morning departure?

Yes.  Exemptions are allowed for certain circumstances.  Contact the Noise Abatement office at (310)784-7950 for applications and information.

What is a Noise Test?

Noise test are a used to let new pilots know what the actual noise levels are for their aircraft when conducting operations at Torrance Airport, and for correcting violations of the noise code.  Pilots can contact the Noise Abatement office when a test is needed and staff will work with pilots to get an aircraft into acceptable noise limits.  Please contact the Noise Abatement Office at (310) 784-7950.

How do I get a Noise test?

Noise tests must be arranged with the Noise Abatement office prior to departure.  Noise tests can be arranged by visiting the Noise Abatement office, via telephone or radio frequency 122.9.  Noise Abatement staff will need a tail number, type of aircraft, approximate time of departure and contact information for pilot, so test results can be relayed to the pilot.  Please call the Noise Abatement office for further information at (310) 784-7950.