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General Questions

Proof of Residency

Cancellation & Refund Policies

Picnic Questions

Park Building Questions

Sports Field Questions

Pool Questions

Filming Questions

Park Histories


General Questions

1. Where is your office located?

The Facility Booking office is located in the West Annex of City Hall. Torrance City Hall is located at 3031 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503. The West Annex is to the West (left) of the main City Hall Building. The individual parks do not have offices.

2. When is your office open?

The Facility Booking Office is open Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are also open every other Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call ahead if coming on a Friday to confirm that we are open.

3. I cannot come to your office during business hours, how will I submit by booking?

You are welcome to fax, e-mail or mail the necessary documents. Please fill out a credit card authorization form or mail a check. All documents and payment must be received to book; the space will not be held with the application alone.

4. Am I required to provide insurance for my reservation, what info do I need?

Please review this attachment for insurance requirements.

Proof of Residency

1. I was told the proof of Torrance residency is required, what do I need to provide?

Torrance City Council allows only the following documents as proof: California driver's license; current utility bill (gas, water, electric or Time Warner Cable); car registration or car insurance. Normal mail and other documents will not be accepted.

2. How do I know if I am a resident of Torrance?

Please see this map of the Torrance city limits. If you are unclear if your address falls within the city limits, please call Facility Booking with the full address and we will check for you. If you have further questions on what defines Torrance Residency please view this document.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

1. What is your normal cancellation policy?

For all cancellations, you must notify the Facility Booking office by e-mail or in person at least 48 hours in advance. Twenty percent of the reservation fee (maximum $25) will be held for all cancellations that notify us on time. No funds will be returned if we are notified of a cancellation within 48 hours of your event start time. **Please note that the City of Torrance is closed every other Friday.**

2. Can I make any changes to my reservation?

You are allowed one change to the venue (same event type), date OR time (on hourly rentals: shift only, see below for additions/deductions). All changes of this type must be completed five days in advance, and are based on availability of the venue and staff (if applicable). Any additional changes will incur a 10 percent administrative change fee based on the cost of your event (maximum $25). All changes will be effective immediately. If you are trying to reschedule an event but do not know the new event date, you may not leave the reservation pending. You will be required to cancel the event and reapply. A deduction to your permit (examples: reduce time on an hourly fee based reservation, cancel a bouncer permit) is considered a cancellation. Please see the normal cancellation policy.

3. What if it rains or is expected to rain on my event day?

a. In the event of forecasted rain during the week prior to your event: Please call, e-mail or come into the office as soon as you decide to cancel. If the Facility Booking office can confirm that rain is forecast using an online weather report, a 100 percent refund will be issued.
b. In the event of rain on the event day, prior to the start of your event: Please call or e-mail the office prior to your scheduled start time. Since the office is closed on weekends, you will likely need to leave a message. The Park Rangers will confirm that you were absent from your reserved area and a 100 percent refund will be issued the following week. You must contact us prior to your event start time to receive a refund. Customers that do not attend but do not inform us until after the event start time will not be issued a refund.
c. In the event of rain after your event start time: If it rains during your picnic reservation, we cannot issue a refund since you were able to attend a portion of your event. If it begins to rain during a field reservation, please immediately call or e-mail the office and your un-used time (in increments of 30 minutes) will be refunded.
Our rain policy only applies to picnic and sports field reservations. Wedding permits may not be canceled due to rain. The Plunge closes when there is a threat of thunder and/or lightening, and is at the discretion of the pool manager. In the event of heavy rain, the Hockey Rink will close due to flooding, and a full refund will be issued. Issues due to condensation, wind, high temperatures, etc. will not qualify for a 100 percent refund. Please see our normal cancellation policy.

4. How will my refund be issued?

Transactions paid by credit card will be processed within one week of your reservation. Most banks will post the refund to your credit card account within 1-4 business days. If your refund has not been posted after two weeks, please call Facility Booking and we will give you the transaction ID number that you can use when you contact your bank.

Transactions paid by cash or check will be mailed as a refund check to the permit holder at their address. Please allow five to seven weeks to receive the check by mail. Cash/check pick up is not an available option.

Transactions paid by credit on account will be returned to your Facility Booking and Registration account. All funds must be used within one year and cannot be refunded.

Picnic Questions

1. I want to have a party at a park, but it is not one of the parks listed on the Picnic Reservations page, what can I do?

If you would like to have a party at a non-reservable park, you must comply with the following rules: Group may not exceed 25 people; bouncers and amplified sound are not allowed; seating is first-come first-serve. If you are expecting more than 25 people, you must choose from one of the eight parks where we offer reservations.

2. Electricity is not available at the park that I have booked, what are my options?

If you have booked a bouncer, you may want to ask the bouncer company if you can use a plug on the generator that they are providing. Generators are only allowed when powering permitted bouncers from authorized bouncer companies, you may not bring a generator unless you have a bouncer permit.

3. I don't know how many people will be coming to my picnic, what should I do?

It is always better to reserve for more people than you are planning for so that you will have enough seating. Our picnic sizes go up every 25 people, so you should be able to guess which group size you will fall into since the range is so large. Changes may not be made on the day of, so it is best to plan ahead for a slightly larger group. A permit is required for groups of 25 or more, if you are expecting 20-plus, it is safest to get a permit.

Park Building Questions

1. I want to have a party in the evening, when your facilities are not available. Do you know of any other places I could book?

Yes, the ATTIC (A Torrance Teen Center) is available until 9 p.m. on weekends. Please see the rental webpage, or call (310) 782-8828 for more details.

2. Can I have a barbecue outside?

You have a few options: You may bring your own barbecue and place it within a safe distance of the building. You may use the outdoor barbecues on a first-come, first-serve basis (note tables may be reserved). You may reserve outdoor picnic tables that are close to the barbecues (available at select parks only). If you are expecting more than 25 people to be outside of the building at any time, you will need to book the outdoor picnic space as well. Rooms and picnic spaces are available at El Nido, El Retiro and Walteria Parks only.

3. Can I have a bouncer outside of the building? What about inside?

If you would like to have a bouncer, you must rent the outdoor picnic area and obtain a bouncer permit (available at El Nido, El Retiro & Walteria only). Bouncers are never allowed inside any park facilities.

Sports Field Questions

1. How do I find out if a field is closed due to rain or mud?

Please call the Mud Line at (310) 781-7529. If it is not updated, please call Facility Booking or the Dee Hardison Sports Center at (310) 328-4964 for more details.

2. What sports are allowed on the softball fields?

Softball, soccer, football, Australian rules football, kickball.

3. What sports are NOT allowed on the softball fields?

Sports using hard balls are not allowed on fields. This includes baseball, cricket, golf and lacrosse. If you have a question about a sport that was not mentioned, please call Facility Booking.

4. What are the steps involved for booking a softball tournament?

The only field in Torrance with multiple fields and enough parking for a tournament is Wilson Park. Please submit a field application and we will check for availability. All groups that are expecting more than 100 people (includes spectators and players), must provide proof of liability insurance. Saturday tournament groups must park at the east end of the park to make room for the Farmer's Market and are not allowed on certain days due to large market crowds.

5. May I provide my own equipment for the tournament?

Unless previously approved by the Director and/or Sports Center Supervisor you may not bring your own equipment. The fields must be prepped by Park Services and at no time may you drive any cars/carts or vehicles onto the fields to offload or pick-up equipment.

6. Can I make a booking over the phone for a field?

Once you have initially completed a field application, it is good for six months. During this time you may e-mail to make bookings. No phone reservations or changes may be made. After six months of inactivity, your field application will be shredded and you will need to resubmit.

Pool Questions

1. How do I find out about open swim times?

Please call the pool at: (310) 781-7113

Filming in a Park

1. I would like to do a commercial photo shoot/filming in a Torrance park, how do I get permission to do this?

Please start by calling Facility Booking to discuss the nature of the shoot and which park you are interested in using. If approved, you will need to contact the Special Events and Filming Office at (310) 618-5880 to obtain a film permit application. Community Services will be required to sign off on the permit, and will charge fees based on the amount of space required. The Special Events and Filming Office/business licensing fees are separately charged. The Special Events and Filming Office reserves the right to deny a permit even if Community Services has approved it and vice-versa.

2. I am a film student, do I still need a film permit?

Yes, you do still need a film permit to film in a park. Community Services will waive the park fees if you can provide proof of student status and file the film permit under the school's name.

Park Histories

Community Services staff has compiled data to create a historical fact sheet for each park. These can be found on the individual park webpages.