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City of Torrance
Class Code: 3446

Class Designation: Non-Civil Service/At-Will

October 2010

Representation Unit: Certain Full-Time Salaried and Hourly Employees


Home Improvement Program Coordinator

Position Summary 

Under general supervision, assists, leads, instructs, directs and monitors the work of a small crew which provides home repair for qualified residents of the City of Torrance; and performs related work as required.

Reporting Relationships

Receives direction from the Home Improvement Program Supervisor.  Provides direction to program participants.

Job Duties

Leads, instructs and assists an assigned crew engaged in home repair for qualified residents in the following areas:


  • Building, installation, removal and repair of walls, cabinets, shelves, stanchions, A-frames, doors, doorways, and fences;
  • Set, install and repair windows, cut and frame access holes;
  • Install sinks, countertops, ceiling tile and paneling;
  • Lay floor tile;
  • Repair roofs and perform rough framing work;
  • Repair and install drywall;
  • Repair and install locks and door closers.
  • Plumbing/Construction Work 
  • Install and repair water lines, pipes, hot water tanks and heaters, faucet and flush valves, pressure relief valves, pumps, and bathrooms;
  • Repair plumbing stoppages and broken pipes.
  • Painting 
  • Clean, prime, sandblast, repair and paint walls and surfaces;
  • Strip and hang wall coverings;
  • Match colors and select paint type (water based, oil-based or vinyl);
  • Safely operating spray painting equipment.
  • Knowledge and Abilities

    Knowledge of
  • Methods, materials, equipment and operating practices involved in building maintenance and repair work;
  • Basic principles and techniques of structural building inspection, building materials  accepted safety standards and modern methods of building construction;
  • Applicable local, State and Federal regulations;
  • Hazards and safety standards involved in building maintenance and repair work;
  • City ordinances and administrative rules and regulations affecting departmental operations and personnel matters
  • General City operations.
  • Ability to:
  • Plan, schedule, inspect, monitor and assist the work of an assigned crew;
  • Read and interpret plans and specifications;
  • Physically perform sustained manual labor;
  • Safely and skillfully operate hand tools, mechanical equipment, power tools and equipment required to complete work assignments;
  • Operate vehicles with automatic and manual transmissions observing legal and defensive driving practices;
  • Instruct crew on basic building repair and construction;
  • Maintain and make minor repairs to a variety of power equipment and hand tools;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with City employees, homeowners, and the general public;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written direction;
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing;
  • Prepare clear, comprehensive reports;
  • Maintain records and files;
  • Ensure safety and professional work standards are met;
  • Estimate quantity and types of materials and supplies needed;
  • Shift priorities as workload demands require and meet deadlines;
  • Instruct others in basic building repair and construction skills. 
  • Education and Experience

    Any combination of education and experience that provides the required knowledge and skills is qualifying.  A typical way of obtaining the necessary knowledge and abilities is:

    Experience to perform a broad range of duties in one or more of the following construction trades: carpentry, plumbing/construction work, metal fabrication and machining, and/or painting that includes coaching and directing the activities of less experienced workers.

    Formal or informal education which ensures the ability to read and write at a level necessary for successful job performance.

    License Required 

    A valid Class C California Driver's License.

    A current DMV H-6 record showing a ten-year driving history and no points within the last three (3) years is required at time of application.