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 | Facility Booking

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Facility Booking: (310) 618-5982
Sports Center: (310) 328-4964

To make a gym reservation, submit a completed application, signed agreement and full payment.

E-mail: facilitybooking@TorranceCA.Gov
Fax: (310) 781-7598
Mail/ Walk In: City of Torrance, City Hall West Annex, 3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503
Open Play Basketball & Volleyball


     Sports Center Rental Application              Credit Card Authorization Form             Gym User Agreement          

To make a reservation:

                                                                    1. All reservations must be completed seven days in advance 
(note we are closed on alternate Fridays)   
2. Submit a rental application    
3. Submit full payment    
4. First-time users must return the signed side of the user agreement  


2400 Jefferson Street, Torrance, CA  90501

  • The Dee Hardison Sports Center is comprised of an 18,200 square-foot gymnasium and a 2,760 square-foot multipurpose room.
  • The gymnasium space is designed for both basketball and volleyball use.  Through the use of an operable curtain, two full-court basketball games or three volleyball games can be run simultaneously.  Bleachers are available for use on request for tournaments. View layout.
  • The multipurpose area provides a space for a variety of classes, as well as a space for charter clubs and gymnastics.  This room allows for a full range of activity without interfering with sporting events in the gymnasium area. Food and drink are not allowed. If you are looking for a party room, please see Park Buildings.

Dee Hardison Sports Center Hours of Operation

School Session (September-June)
Weekdays 2 -10 p.m.
Weekends (Saturday) 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Weekends (Sunday) noon - 8 p.m.

Summer Session (July-August)
Weekdays 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Weekends (Saturday) 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Weekends (Sunday) noon - 8 p.m.

Hourly Rental Rate

These fees are per court or multipurpose room.

Non-profit:                         $40/hr





  • The electric scoreboard is available for a fee of $15/hr, per court, (two-hour minimum)
  • This fee includes Community Services staff to operate the scoreboard.   Flip charts are available at no fee.
  • There is an initial $16 billing fee for any long term permits.
  • There will be a $250 refundable security and cleaning deposit for all long term users.
  • All groups of 100 or more, or user groups requesting multiple dates of usage, must supply Proof of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1 million dollars with the City of Torrance named as Additionally Insured.


  1. No alcoholic beverages of any type are allowed at any of the City Parks or Park Facilities per Municipal Code 49.2.6.
  2. Food, drinks, hard-soled and black-soled shoes are absolutely prohibited in the gymnasium and multipurpose rooms. Any group wishing to sell merchandise must provide the Facility Booking Office with a City of Torrance Business License.
  3. To qualify as a non-profit organization, an organization must be recognized by the California Franchise Tax Board and/or the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt entity.
  4. All reservations for the Sports Center which require special needs, such as the use of the scoreboard, bleachers, curtain, tables and chairs, or the need of additional staff, must be made at least 7 days in advance, or obtain an official approval from the Sports Center Supervisor.  Such use will require additional fees.
  5. An official contact person must meet with the Sports Center staff before and after the activity times for an inspection of the condition of the facilities. This representative will be responsible for supervising the clean up of any area by their group.
  6. A rental group will be billed for any damages and/or the amount will be deducted from a deposit.
  7. All rental time reserved must include set-up time and take-down time.  The Sports Center will only be available to the rental group during the hours reserved.
  8. For any questions regarding reservations of the Sports Center and obtaining a facility reservation permit form, please contact the Community Services Department, Facility Booking Office at (310) 618-5982.