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Park Building


E-mail: facilitybooking@TorranceCA.Gov
Fax: (310)781-7598
Mail/ Walk In: City of Torrance, City Hall West Annex, 3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503


There are 4 ways to make a reservation:

1.  Online* (instant approval)

2. Walk-In to City Hall (please allow 15 minutes)

3. E-Mail or Fax Forms (approval within 1 business day)

4. Mail Forms (approval within 2 business days of receiving)


Application for Use of Park Facilities       Short-Term Cleaning Agreement       Credit Card Authorization

To Make a Reservation using Forms:

1. Submit a completed application  
2. Include full payment and complete the credit for for any incidentals
(regardless of payment method)  
3. Sign and return the cleaning agreement  
4. Include proof of residency (Torrance residents only). If you want the resident discount, the resident must also be the payer.

Building Use

Park Buildings are available to rent for birthday parties, baby showers, meetings and other events. The following Park Buildings are available for rental:
 Park (Click to view Photos) Address (Click to view Map)  Capacity Amenities 

Alta Loma

26126 Delos Drive 


Full Kitchen

 El Nido

18301 Kingsdale Avenue 


Limited Use Kitchen*

 El Retiro (East Rm)

 126 Vista Del Parque


Full Kitchen

 La Romeria (East Rm)

 19501 Inglewood Avenue


Full Kitchen

 Mc Master Closed 11/1/13-8/31/14

 3624 Artesia Boulevard


Full Kitchen

Sea Aire

22730 Lupine Drive 


Full Kitchen

Sur La Brea 

 23610 Cabrillo Avenue


Limited Use Kitchen*


 3855 242nd Street


Full Kitchen

* Limited Use Kitchens do not have an oven/ stove. All facilities have a sink and refrigerator.

Fee Schedule




 Non- Resident

 Non- Profit


 Private/ Commercial

 Non- Resident

 Private/ Commercial

 Monday - Friday

 Call For Hours -
no parties allowed

 No Fee  $35/ hour  $35/ hour  $45/ hour

 Saturday & Sunday

 8am - 5pm

 $35/hour  $45/ hour  $35/ hour  $45/ hour

 Saturday & Sunday

 5pm - 10pm

 No Fee  $35/ hour  Not Available  Not Available
  • All one-time groups must pay a $30 staff fee and leave a credit card number on file for damages, overage & improperly incurred expenses. Customers that do not have a credit card must pay a $100 security deposit by cash or check. Please allow 5-7 weeks for refund.
  • All long-term rental groups must pay a $25 key deposit.
  • Residents may make reservations up to 9 months in advance, non-residents up to 2 months in advance. All reservations must be completed 5 business days prior to date. The resident must also be the payer in order to receive resident rates.

Facility Rules

  • Facilities are available on Saturdays & Sundays between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Weekdays and weekend evenings are reserved for non-profit meeting groups only. Private meeting groups will be considered on weekdays, but parties are not allowed under any circumstances on weekdays or weekend evenings.
  • All paid weekend rentals are allowed 30 minutes at the begining of your scheduled time for set-up and 30 minutes at the end for clean-up. Do not include this in the time you indicate on your application, it will be added. All weekend requests must end by 4:30pm (cleaned up and out by 5:00pm). A Park Ranger will open and close the building, you will not be issued a key.
  • The capacities listed are for audience style seating only, dining capacity may be less. Please call Facility Booking for table and chair quantities. The number of chairs & tables in each room is the maximum the City can provide. If you require more, you are welcome to bring them yourself as long as they are removed at the end of your reservation.
  • Amplified sound (DJ's, speakers, microphones, etc.) is not allowed in park buildings. Alcohol is not allowed at park facilities.
  • Bouncers are not allowed in or near park buildings. To have a bouncer, you will need to make a picnic reservation in addition to your building rental. This option is only available at El Nido, El Retiro and Walteria Parks.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Long-Term Rentals

  • Non-profit groups may rent facilities for weekly meetings. Permits are renewed annually on the school year calendar (Sep - Aug).
  • Please see the above fee schedule for pricing.
  • If you would like to apply for a long-term room reservation, please submit an Application for Use of Park Facilities, a signed Long-Term Cleaning Agreement & proof of insurance. It is helpful if you can list your top three park building locations for a better chance at availabiliy. We cannot check long-term availability on the phone, you must submit a request.

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*Online Reservations:

Online reservations are available 2 months in advance. Residents wishing to reserve further in the future must choose a different method for reservation. Please note that all new account requests submitted online will be set to a default 'non-resident status' until proof of Torrance residency has been received and verified. If you are a resident, please request an account first and submit proof of Torrance residency by fax or e-mail. The items we may accept are: CA drivers license, utility bill, car registration or car insurance. Once we have updated your account to residency status, you can make an online reservation for the discounted rate.