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 | Stormwater Best Management Practices

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Stormwater BMPs

Most runoff from the streets of Torrance discharges directly to the Pacific Ocean via the storm drain system. During most storms in urban areas, and rainwater may mix with pollutants in industrial and household runoff, creating storm water pollution. The solution to preventing non-stormwater runoff is to follow Best Management Practices (BMP's), which include the proper handling, storage and disposal of materials that can prevent pollutants from entering the ocean through the storm drain system.
These Best Management brochures describe the problems, solutions and practices in doing your part to apply storm drain protection measures:

Automotive Maintenance & Car Care

Fresh Concrete & Mortar Application 

General Construction & Site Supervision  

Landscaping Gardening & Pest Control 


Pick Up After Your Pet

Spa & Swimming Pool Owners Info