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On August 3, 2010, Mayor Frank Scotto appointed a State Legislative Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee.  The role of the Committee is to work with staff and State lobbyists in achieving the City's legislative goals at the state level.  In addition, the Committee reviews and takes positions on ballot measures prior to elections to consider state, county and local measures.  In reviewing the ballot measures, the Committee applies the criteria listed below to determine the potential impact of these measures on the City of Torrance:

  • Does the proposed measure affect local control?
  • Does the proposed measure have a fiscal impact on the City?
  • Does the proposed measure affect public safety?

On September 30, 2010, the Ad Hoc Legislative Advocacy Committee met to discuss and take a position on the measures included in the November 2, 2010 Special General Election.  There are nine (9) State measures that will be presented to the electorate on November 2nd.  Of the nine (9) ballot measures, there were five (5) measures that met the City's criteria and on which the Committee took positions.  On Tuesday, October 5, 2010, the Torrance City Council reviewed the recommendations presented by the Ad Hoc Legislative Committee and took positions on the following propositions:

PROPOSITION 19 - Legalizes marijuana under California State law and permits local governments to regulate and tax commercial production, distribution, and the sale of marijuana.

The City Council voted unanimously to oppose Proposition 19.

PROPOSITION 22 - Prohibits the State from borrowing or taking local funds used for transportation, redevelopment, or other local government projects and services.

The City Council voted unanimously to support Proposition 22.

PROPOSITION 23 - Suspends implementation of the Air Pollution Control Law AB 32 requiring major sources of emissions to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent or less for a full year.

The City Council voted to support Proposition 23.

PROPOSITION 25 - Changes the legislative vote requirement to pass a budget and budget-related legislation from two-thirds vote to a simple majority.

The City Council voted to oppose Proposition 25.

PROPOSITION 26 - Requires that certain State and local fees be approved by two-thirds vote.  Fees include those that address adverse impacts on society or the environment caused by the fee-payer's business.

The City Council voted unanimously to oppose Proposition 26.

Click here to view the regularly-scheduled City Council meeting for October 5th.


Mayor Frank Scotto
Councilman Gene Barnett
Councilmember VACANT

LeRoy J. Jackson, City Manager
Mary Giordano, Assistant City Manager
John Fellows, City Attorney
John Neu, Police Chief
Eric Tsao, Finance Director
Jeff Gibson, Community Development Director
John Jones, Community Services Director
Eleanor B. Jones, Management Associate