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Regional Boards and Agencies

Torrance Elected Officials serve on regional boards and agencies as representatives of the City.  Some boards and agencies provide a stipend; however, stipends are not considered in calculating pension allowance.

 Board or Agency

 Current Assignment


South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG)

Voting Delegate - Tom Brewer
1st Alternate - Kurt Weideman
2nd Alternate - Heidi Ann Ashcraft

 No Stipend; meets twice per month

South Bay Economic Development Partnership (SBEDP)

Voting Delegate - Cliff Numark
Alternate - Gene Barnett

 No stipend; meets as needed

Independent Cities Association

Voting Delegate - Tom Brewer
Alternate - Kurt Weideman

 No Stipend; meets once per month

Municipal Area Express (MAX)

Voting Delegate - Tom Brewer
Alternate - Bill Sutherland

 $25 per meeting for the voting delegate;
 meets every other month

Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Voting Delegate - Frank Scotto
Alternate - Heidi Ann Ashcraft

 $125 per meeting for voting delegate;
 meets once per month

Los Angeles County West Vector Control District

Voting Delegate - Pat Furey

 $50 per meeting; meets every other month

Southern California Associaion of Governments (SCAG)

Voting Delegate - Frank Scotto
Alternate - Tom Brewer

 $120 per meeting; meets once per month

League of Caifornia Cities - L.A. Division

Voting Delegate - Bill Sutherland
Alternate - Heidi Ann Ashcraft

 No Stipend, meets once per month

Los Angeles County Commission on Alcohol and Drugs

Representing League of California Cities, L.A. Division - City Clerk Sue Herbers

 $25 per meeting; Commission is not yet formally populated