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Long-Term Investor

Ron's Body Shop

A fixture in the Torrance community for over 28 years, Ron's Body Shop provides invaluable services to people living in a state where one's vehicle can almost be considered an extension of one's life. With keen awareness of its impact on the community, Ron's Body Shop invests in the quality of its own employees to produce excellent service, which has served as a key to sustaining success. First-time customers of Ron's often become loyal long-time customers who do the work of garnering new customers. With its longevity, made possible by continued success, Ron's is considered a cornerstone of the downtown Torrance area. It's known as one that continues to invest in the community, nurturing the sense of history with community pride. It's this deep commitment to providing excellent service to its customers, to investing in the Torrance community, to finding ways to nurture a sense of community pride that enables Ron's Body Shop to have a far reaching impact.