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Quality of Life Community Investor

Chef Shafer's Depot

In the hands of Chef Shafer, the Depot restaurant has become a place of innovation and creativity that enriches Torrance's gastronomic experience from the diners to attendees of his sell out monthly cooking classes. With his international culinary experience, enterprising mindset, larger than life persona, and persuasive skills, he has continued to reenergize the downtown Torrance area. Recently, he opened another restaurant - The Buffalo Fire Department in the same area. His commitment to Torrance's quality of life extends beyond his culinary and restaurant management skills. Chef Shafer and his staff raise millions of dollars every year for a variety of local charities, including many local worthy causes, benefitting nonprofits, other Torrance businesses and the school district. By cooking up the wonderful mixture of a delightful culinary experience, enterprising venture and charitable contribution, Chef Shafer adds flavor to and elevates the quality of life in Torrance.