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People to People

Barrister Executive Suites

Barrister Executive Suites has changed the landscape of doing business in Torrance by being the first executive suite providers in Torrance offering offices with flexible lease terms, in essence, providing a "plug and play" environment. With over 14 years of experience in the Torrance community, Barrister has had a quieter, but deep impact on Torrance's economic strength serving as a business that helps businesses help themselves. Its 4 employees have the might of 100 based on their commitment and dedication to providing top-tier service to multiple clients. Like rare gems, Barrister polishes and shines each one of them, nurturing their employees to continue growing in their knowledge base, eliciting their full potential and endlessly providing ways to hone their skills set. This has been its secret to success and a catalyst for Barrister's "pay it forward" effect on the City's economic development efforts.