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Welcome to the Torrance Elections Page

Elections are the heart of a democracy. Voters have the privilege of choosing leaders that set the direction for the local community, county, state and federal governments. Torrance, a large city of 150,000 with a hometown feel, has over 84,029 registered voters. We take pride in our community and it shows in the caliber of leaders over the years.

In order to make your vote count to the fullest, we are presenting information to assist you in making informed choices and decisions whether you vote by mail or visit a local polling place.

Take part in your democracy - VOTE!

We value and welcome your ideas, comments and suggestions so that your needs are understood and effectively addressed. Contact us at

City of Torrance Office of the City Clerk

The mission of the City Clerk's office is to serve the citizens of Torrance by maintaining the official records of the City and making them readily accessible to all; to conduct fair and impartial municipal elections; and to promote increased involvement in the processes of government.