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Wilson Park Pond Renovation, Feap No. 709

Project Description

The overarching goal of the Wilson Park Pond Renovation is to provide a long-term renovation solution that will result in a pleasant pond environment for the park visitors and maintainable body of water for the City.  With that goal in mind, the successful contractor is to develop a working set of drawings prior to construction.  These drawings will be approved by the City officials, permitted and inspected during the course of construction.  The City has previously contracted some pond-related work including new pumps and strainer baskets in the existing pump room.  Construction includes demolition of a section of walkway, underground piping, fine grading of pond bottom, placing pond membrane liner, concrete veneer, reconstruction of walkway, a new pump, chlorination system, fountain nozzles and informational signs.  Time is of the essence with this project, and it is expected that the successful contractor will aggressively pursue the completion of the plans, specifications, and construction once the plans are approved.


Notice Inviting Bids  (1MB)

Bidder's Proposal  (1 MB)

Specifications and Special Provisions  (3 MB)

Addendum #1   (1MB)


Agency Contact

For questions about this project, please contact Public Works at 310-781-6900 or email to