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City Yard Improvements and Street Sweeper Transfer Station, FEAP 572

The City of Torrance will be constructing a transfer station for the street sweeper fleet to dump their waste and waste water in the southwest corner of the City Yard, next to the existing Wash Area.  This station will allow the dewatering of the street sweeper waste and divert the waste water to a clarifier connected to the City sewer system.  We will also be constructing bio-swales on the north and south side of the employee parking lot to treat stormwater run off and installing catch basin filters in all existing catch basins to trap trash, oil and grease.  Concrete swales will be constructed in front of both employee parking lot entrances to divert run off to the bio-swales.  The City's existing bitumen tanks will be removed at the northeast end of the yard to pave where the street sweepers used to dump their loads.  This project will have little to no impact on the general public.  Parking in the employee parking lot of the City Yard will be impacted as the project progresses. 


Project Status:
The work is schedule to take place from December 2009 to June 2010.  When this project is completed, the City of Torrance City Yard will be state of the art when it comes to water quality. 


Agency Contact:
For questions about this project, please contact Public works at 310-781-6900 or by e-mail at