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Public Works
 | Asphalt Maintenance

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Street Maintenance Division

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance section maintains 847 lane miles of roadway surfaces in addition to maintaining storm water retention basins (sumps) and open ditches.  This division also provides sandbags to Torrance residents during the rainy season.


The Public Works Department's goal is to fix all potholes reported to us as soon as possible. Priority is given to potholes that may affect drivers, the rest are on a first come, first served basis.

To Report Potholes:

Located in the City of Torrance, west of Western Ave., call 1-310-781-6900 during business hours or e-mail to Public Works at
Located between Western Ave. and Normandie, City of Los Angeles, click here to go to L.A. City Request Form  or dial 311.
Located between Normandie and Vermont, County of Los Angeles, click here to go to L.A. County information  or dial 211.

How are Potholes Created?
The most common way potholes are created by water seeping into cracks on the surface of the road and the combination of vehicle vibration. That is why there are more potholes after it rains. Potholes are also created when the roadway is stressed by trucks and buses, which can cause a movement of the subsurface. Once there is a weak spot, every car that travels over it makes the problem worse, and eventually a section of the material will fail, causing a pothole.

Roadway Maintenance
Tasks handled by the Street Maintenance Division include filling potholes, patching streets, applying crack sealant, repairing City parking lots, and other asphalt-related repairs.  Street Maintenance also assists in asphalt preparation for capital projects, including slurry seal applications. Street Maintenance also maintains the State highways that run through the City. The City has a maintenance agreement with Caltrans that allows the City of Torrance to perform maintenance work on State highways (e.g; Hawthorne, PCH and Western) using City crews.