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T-1 Water Vault Upgrade, CIP No. I-104, C2009-095

The City of Torrance will be upgrading the T-1 Water Flow Control Vault located in the center of 190th Street west of Western Avenue. This Vault was constructed circa 1951 as the first Metropolitan Water District (MWD) interconnection to provide drinking water to Torrance. In 2007, the Vault was determined to be out of compliance with California's Code of Regulations regarding confined space entry. This project was developed to bring the vault  into regulatory compliance, making it a safer facility for workers.  The project entails removing the existing roof  and constructing a new roof with two worker access hatches and two equipment hatches.

Construction is expected to begin mid August 2009 and last approximately 90 working days. Construction will occur Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. Eastbound traffic on 190th Street west of Western Avenue and at the 405 freeway on/off-ramp will be reduced from three to two lanes for the duration of the project. Westbound traffic on 190th will be reduced from three lanes to two lanes only during working hours.  Traffic from Western Avenue to west bound 190th Street should proceed with caution.  Delays are expected and the City encourages the use of alternate routes.

For questions, please contact Public Works at 310-781-6900 or email to

Construction Notice (pdf)