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Sidewalk Ramping and Grinding Project for FY 2009-11, I-101


The City is responsible for maintaining approximately 270 acres of sidewalk that are adjacent to public roadways.  The purpose of this program is to systematically remove displacements in City sidewalks for a temporary period until other capital improvement projects can provide permanent repairs (removal and replacement).  Each year, approximately 54 acres of sidewalk is inspected.  If required, the City will either ramp or grind the displaced areas to temporarily alleviate offsets that may disrupt the continuous sidewalk surface.  These offsets are caused by either tree roots or underlying expansive soil.

City specifications require vertical displacements between 3/8" and 1-1/2" to be ground with a vacuum-equipped grinder.  Vertical displacements greater than 1-1/2" are repaired by constructing asphalt ramps.  The new asphalt ramps are coated with cement to reduce the color contrast between the black asphalt and the gray concrete.

The ramping/grinding work progresses continuously throughout the year.  We work systematically on a "neighborhood by neighborhood" basis to repair areas that were previously inspected in one of the five 54-acre areas.  However, sidewalk displacements in the other four areas are sometimes reported by citizens.  City staff promptly inspects those areas within 5 working days after receiving a Citizen Request.  The City will ramp or grind the displacement within 3 weeks after inspection.



Project is on-going.


For questions about this project or to report sidewalk damage, please contact Public Works at 310-781-6900 or email to