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 | Naming of Public Facilities
*Naming of Public Facilities Committee *Resolution *Facilities Previously Named
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Torrance Veterans Memorial












The General Aviation Center
The City Yard Facility
Public Works
Fleet Building
The Police Department Building
The Main City Hall
The Fire Stations 1-6
Alta Loma Park
Columbia Park
De Portola Park
Delthorne Park
Descanso Park
El Nido Park
El Nido Community Meeting Room
El Retiro Park
Entradero Park
Greenwood Park
Hickory Park
La Carretara Park
La Paloma Park
La Romeria Park
Lago Seco Park
Los Arboles/Rocketship Park
Miramar Park
North Torrance Library
Osage Park
Paradise Park
Pequeno Park
Pueblo Recreation Center
Riviera Park
Southeast Torrance Library
Sunnyglen Park
Sur La Brea Park
Sur La Brea Community Meeting Room
Torrance Municipal Park
Victor Park
Walteria Park
Walteria Library
The Attic
Las Canchas Tennis Complex
Wilson Park Sports Center
Sea Aire Golf Course
Madrona Marsh Nature Center
Roller Hockey Rink
Skate Park
Batting Cages
Torrance Veterans Memorial
Torrance Historic Museum
Pine Wind Japanese Garden

Also considered in this category are any sub-rooms within facilities that are not specifically named.