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The City Council of the City of Torrance does hereby resolve as follows:

I.          PURPOSE

         To establish formal policies as a guide to the City Council in considering (1) appropriate names for City-owned land, buildings and facilities; (2) whether, and under what circumstances, such land, buildings, and facilities should be named or renamed in honor of individuals; and (3) the duration of naming rights of City-owned land, buildings and facilities.

II.        SCOPE

         This regulation is applicable to all City departments and offices responsible directly to the City Manager. It is also requested that elective offices and other independent offices and departments of the City comply with these procedures in the interest of administrative uniformity. 


         In determining the names to be given to City-owned land, buildings and facilities, the City Council will give particular consideration to the following policy guidelines:

         The City Council will consider candidate names for facilities whether submitted by Council members, City staff, City agencies, civic organizations, and/or the general public including names incorporating the name of Torrance where it is deemed important for civic or other reasons for a building or facility to be identified with the City.

         Names that have recognizable geographic, topographic or historical significance associated with Torrance.  In assessing this type of name, the City Council will take into consideration the recommendations from different bodies such as the Planning Commission or Torrance Historical Society.

         City-owned land, buildings and facilities may be named in honor of persons who have served the nation, the State of California and/or the City of Torrance in an exceptional and distinguished manner; and, where such action is warranted by a contribution or service which is deemed to be of major significance. 

         The naming of City-owned land, buildings and facilities in honor of a deceased person shall generally not take place until after a minimum of one-year waiting period unless the City Council determines that there are overriding considerations deviating from this policy guideline. This particular policy guideline is not intended in any way to reflect on the merits of any deceased individual who may have been a prominent civic leader.  However, it is felt appropriate to establish some type of waiting period to ensure that an individual's accomplishments or contributions will stand the test of time; and that a decision shall not be made on an emotional basis immediately following a person's death. 

         City-owned land, buildings and facilities may be named after individuals or families who have donated the land or funds for the capital project, particularly if such naming is set forth as a condition of the donation.

         The City Council may approve the naming of City-owned land, buildings, or facilities based on an organization or individual's monetary contribution to the City for that purpose. The funds from that contribution may be used for any purpose deemed appropriate by the City Council unless there is a specified use as a condition of the contribution. The duration of the name is on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the City Council unless otherwise set forth as a condition of the contribution approved by the Council.

         The names of City-owned land, buildings and facilities shall not normally be named in honor of individuals when they have previously been named for other individuals. However, if the Council deems it appropriate, they may vary from this guideline on a case-by-case basis.


         Requests for naming or renaming of City-owned land, buildings and facilities shall be filed with the City Clerk for transmittal to the Mayor in writing, accompanied by a statement summarizing the justification for the recommended name(s).

         The Mayor forwards the request to the Chair of the Facility Naming Committee. The Chair schedules a meeting of the Committee to consider the request. The meeting is open to the public and gives members of the community an opportunity to give input to the process. The Committee should schedule the meeting within 30 days of receiving the request.

         If the request is denied by the Committee, no further action is taken. If the request is approved, the Committee Chair directs staff to prepare a report for the full Council where public input is again received.

         The City Council will make its determination as to the naming or renaming of City-owned land, buildings and facilities at regularly scheduled meetings of the City Council at which staff, representatives of advisory bodies and civic organizations and the general public may offer testimony. If the request is denied by the Council, no further action is taken. If the City Council approves the request, staff is directed to go forward with implementing the naming of the facility. The steps taken to implement the request will be developed as an internal City process. The decision of the City Council will be final.


Introduced, approved and adopted this 17th day of June, 2008.