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Final Environmental Inspection Requirements

The following are items that should be completed prior to requesting a final inspection from the Environmental Division (each item will not apply to all projects):

. Irrigation and landscape in the front yard.
. Driveway paved.
. Garage interior dimensions 18' x 20' free and clear of obstructions.
. Structure(s) painted.
. Not more than 50% of the front yard may be paved (including walkways).
. Appropriate setback area between property lines and structure(s).
. Verify bedroom sizes according to approved plans.
. Minimum 4" address numerals visible from the street and/or alley.
.  Removal of port-o-pots, construction debris and materials.
. Guest parking spaces permanently labeled and wheel stops installed.
. Storage (if in garage must be 4'6" above the floor and not project more than 3' into parking area.
. Oil well vent locations.
. Minimum 5' high fencing for pools and spas.

Commercial Developments:
. Parking spaces double-line striped and sized to meet Code.
. Handicap parking and signage to meet Code.
. Roof and ground equipment screened from view.
. Irrigation and landscape installed.
. Minimum 6" address numerals.
. If building signage is installed it must be approved and permitted.

Senior Environmental Quality Officers
Sharron Jones (310) 618-5924
Nora Duncan (310) 618-5912

Environmental Quality Officers
Phil Bradshaw (310) 784-7950
Ken Brady (310) 618-5985
Hilda Colclasure (310) 781-7672
Chris Travers (310) 618-5867

To request a Final Inspection, please call (310) 618-5927 and leave a message.  An Environmental Quality Officer will return your call.

Environmental Inspection Officer Area Map