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The Torrance Municipal Water Department serves approximately 105,000 residents and business customers covering 78 percent of the City. The Department is responsible for local water supply, the monitoring and maintenance of water quality, planning preventive and predicative maintenance, the operation and repair of the water system, distribution system, and interfacing with the State Health Department and other agencies regarding water quality matters.

  • Delivers over 25,000 acre feet ( 8.1 billion gallons) of both potable (drinking water ) and recycled water supplies to residential, business and industrial customers in the City.
  • Maintenance and repair of 320 miles of distribution pipelines, 2,700 fire hydrants, 7,500 valves and 26,500 service connections
  • Provides responses to emergencies and water outages on a 7 day 24 hour basis
  • Responsible for conducting approximately 7,500 water quality tests annually as part of a comprehensive water quality program


Coping with California's Drought

California is the midst of a fourth consecutive severe drought year, and snowpack in the key Sierra Nevada watershed was less than 5 percent of normal, an all time low.  Consequently on April 1, 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order mandating a statewide reduction in urban potable (drinking) water usage of 25 percent .

In early May, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCF) issued formal regulations implementing this order, which applies only to potable water. Recycled water is not in short supply and is exempt from these requirements. Many of our parks use recycled supplies.

The Governor's Executive Order focus on these main action areas:

  • Save Water - Overall reduction urban potable water use of 25 percent

  • Increase enforcement against water waste

  • Streamline government response to drought  and new water projects

  • Invest in new technologies to mitigate future drought


Torrance Water Conversation Ordinance

In 2009, the Torrance City Council adopted a Water Conservation Ordinance

(Ordinance 3717) to prohibit wasteful uses of water, place certain restrictions on water use and encourage sustained conservation. The Ordinance has four stages

(Permanent Baseline Measured, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Stages), which are enacted in response to the water supply conditions.

On May 5, 2015, City Council approved activation of Level 2 water requirements due to the severity of the drought and to meet the new state regulations.

The Conservation Ordinance applies to the entire City regardless of retail water supplier.

Level 2 -Water Use Requirements and Regulations

  • Calls for up to 30 percent water use reduction
  • No outside watering  from 8 a.m. to  6 p.m.
  • Outdoor watering limited to two days a week for 10 minutes per area or irrigation station
  • Fix all leaks within four days
  • No watering 48 hours after rain event
  • Certain restrictions on filling and refilling of pools, spas and ponds
  • Provides for administrative rules to implement the ordinance

Permanent Requirements In Effect at all Times    

  • No excessive runoff from outdoor watering
  • No washing of exterior surfaces
  • No washing of vehicles with "open hose"
  • All water features must have a re-circulating system
  • Restaurants to use water conserving spray valves
  • Restaurants to serve water only upon request
  • Lodging business must provide option not to launder linens daily 

Remember the 2-6-8-10 Plan

2 Days a week

6 PM - 8 AM Watering Times

10 Minutes/area (watering station)

Click here to report excessive water usage.


The Water Supply Story - What we are doing to drought-proof the region

Over the past 20 years, the Southern California region has invested more than $12 billion in water storage, reliability and conservation programs to ensure sustainability of our water resources, such Diamond Valley Reservoir, located in Hemet, which doubled regional water storage reserves

Torrance Local Supply Diversification

Torrance is developing several new sources of local supplies including the development of new groundwater wells in north Torrance and expansion of a groundwater desalination plant to remove salts from brackish water and provide 20 percent of our potable requirements. In addition, the recycled water system which is used for non-potable industrial and landscape purposes is in the process being expanded. Together these projects will reduce our dependence on imported water supplies by 50 percent and will help drought-proof the community and lower long-term water costs.

Conservation is the key - What we conserve today we preserve for tomorrow!

Since 2000, our capita use has been reduced by about 30 percent due to the conservation efforts of our customers. Although achieving the Governor's target reduction in potable use will be difficult, we are confident with your continued cooperation we meet this challenge. Here is how you can reduce your water use by 20 percent or more:

Rebates for turf replacement

Your lawn accounts for 40 to 50 percent of your water use. Torrance participates in a regional rebate program to replace turf grass with a sustainable, attractive and low-water landscape. For program guidelines and application go to (Must receive approval prior to starting work.)

The City of Torrance conservation efforts

The City has implemented a variety of conservation efforts to reduce its water use.

Almost all toilets and urinals in City-owed facilities were replaced with water-efficient models. In addition, all City parks  were recently retrofitted with "smart irrigation controllers" to minimize watering requirements. Currently aerators are being installed on all faucets to further reduce water use.

Conservation saving rebate programs and landscape classes

Take advantage of the many conservation rebate programs and water-efficient landscape classes offered by the City and our partnering agencies.

Things to Remember

  • Torrance water users have done a great job in conserving water, and with your continue help will ensure we meet our state-mandated 25 percent reduction target
  • Many rebate programs are available on
  • The City is diversifying its water supply
  • The City is here to assist


For more information:


Click here for final draft of 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)

Click here for information on the City of Torrance Water Conservation Ordinance

Click here for information on the water rate increase in March, 2011.

Click here for information on the water rate increase in January, 2012.

Click here for information on the water rate increase in January, 2013.


Turf Replacement Program:  Click here for flyer.  Conserve water and lower your water bill by replacing your turf grass and obtain a rebate. Call 888-376-3314 or visit SoCalWaterSmart by clicking here for information. NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Click SoCalWaterSmart for more information and information on a waiting list.



Sewer fees are charged to all customers who use the City sewer system.  Sewer fees are computed based on water usage measured in 100 cubic feet (ccf), which is also known as a billing unit (BU).  Sewer fees are adjusted on July 1st of each year based on the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The sewer fee is $.3342 per BU starting July 1, 2012. 

As an example:  If a customer uses 28 BU of water during the billing period, the sewer charge would be as follows:

28 BU x $.3342/BU = $9.36


Free Low Flow ShowerHeads




The Torrance Municipal Water Department (TMWD)
The Torrance Municipal Water Department (TMWD), a community-owned water utility and a founding member of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), is dedicated to serving its customers in a cost-effective manner, with a reliable supply of high-quality water, essential to maintaining public health and safety, economic vitality, and community well-being.

1) Consumer Information

2) Contact Information
Water and Rubbish Billing: Listed below are the addresses and telephone numbers that you may send your payments and make inquiries. 

The City of Torrance Utilities Customer Service

Customer Service Center 
1-855-354-5623 Toll Free

Mail Payments to:
City of Torrance Utilities
P.O. Box 845629
Los Angeles, CA  90084-5629

Local Payment Center:
Torrance City Hall
City Treasurer's Office
3031 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance CA  90503
During regular City Hall business hours.

View and pay your City of Torrance Utilities water or trash bill online by clicking here.



Low-Income Senior or Permanently Disabled Discounts
To qualify for a senior or handicapped rate, the applicant must be a minimum of 62 years of age or permanently disabled. In addition, your total household income should be no greater than $27,075 for the prior calendar year.  If you meet this criteria, please call the City's Finance Department at 1-310-618-5830 and they will mail you the appropriate forms.

For hydrant meters, please call the Customer Service Center at 1-855-354-5623.

Water Quality and Main Breaks: For water main breaks & water quality issues, call toll-free 1-855-354-5623.  For water main breaks and emergencies after business hours, call the Torrance Fire Department Dispatch at 310-781-7042.

For all other concerns and non-emergencies, call our 24-hour Customer Service Office toll-free at 1-855-354-5623.


3) Other Torrance Water Providers:


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