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2009 Students and Government

2009 marks the third year of the City of Torrance Students and Government Day program. This program is geared toward 8th graders who attend public and private schools in the city of Torrance. Students and Government Day hopes to help students gain an understanding of local government and how it works to develop more informed and involved citizens and voters. It also exposes students to a possible career in public service.

To participate, 8th grade students were to write or neatly type a 100-150 word essay on the topic: "The City of Torrance is proud of the diversity of our community.  Write about a plan or program you would develop that could promote and recognize the values of this diversity."

Among those who submitted essays, 22 students were invited to participate in a variety of activities, including job shadowing elected officials or city management staff for the afternoon and opening an actual City Council meeting.

While this program is geared for 8th graders, the City encourages all students to continue learning about local government and how they can help serve the community.

The 2009 Students and Government participants were:

Lauren Sullivan                   Casimir Middle School                     Mayor

Sam Antell                         Jefferson Middle School                  Councilman

Sagar Mittal                        Bert Lynn Middle School                Councilman

Lauren Hugo                       St. James School                           Councilwoman

Emily McBeth                     Richardson Middle School               Councilwoman

Andrew Korshavn                First Lutheran School                      Councilman

Kyla Diekmann                   Calle Mayor Middle School              Councilwoman

Shiloh Schatzkamer            Calle Mayor Middle School              City Clerk

Ruth Barry                          St. Catherine Laboure School          City Treasurer

Zareen Thakor                     Madrona Middle School                   City Manager

Jacklyn Suarez                   Madrona Middle School                   Assistant City Manager

Paige Aguirre                      Calle Mayor Middle School              City Attorney

Brittany Grewell                   Richardson Middle School               Communication and Information Technology Director

William Wright                     J.H. Hull Middle School                   Community Development Director

Kimberly Dung                    St. James School                            Community Services Director

Sharon Chen                       Richardson Middle School                Finance Director

Trevor Bellenfant                  Casimir Middle School                     Fire Chief

Duyen Tran                         Magruder Middle School                   General Services Director

Cristal Plantt                       J.H. Hull Middle School                    Human Resources Director

Chelsie Hodges                   St. Catherine Laboure School           Police Chief

Wyatt Matern                      Riviera Hall School                          Public Works Director

Lynn Song                          Calle Mayor Middle School              Transit Director